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Khuruthang to have revamped recreation park worth Nu 4 M

In Punakha, residents of Khuruthang can expect to have a revamped recreational park in the town by the end of next month. Works are underway to renovate the park which was first opened in 2015. The park’s outdoor gym facility and children’s playground are currently in deteriorated condition.

When you visit the park these days, you will be greeted by horses and cattle. Children can be seen playing the guitar to the rhythm of grazing horses in the background.

The children’s playground slide is worn out, posing a risk to children. The gym equipment is rusty and not in use anymore.

However, renovation works which began in May are in full swing and almost 90 per cent of the works are complete. The park will also be expanded.

Additional facilities such as water supply and waste management systems will be added. The park’s overall landscape will also be improved which will be friendly for all age groups.

“We are planning to install one additional multi-play station for children here. We will try to use the existing equipment by repairing them properly. Likewise, we will also try to repair and use the gym equipment as far as possible,” said Tobgay, an engineer with the Regional Engineering Cluster at Khuruthang.

With works progressing, children in the community are looking forward to the refurbished facility.

“I am happy as this park is going to become better with the expansion. Earlier, I saw numerous problems in the park and also the park size was a bit small,” said Samson Rasaily, a student.

“It is scary to come here in the park as it has become old unlike before. I feel scared playing on the ground currently as there is a risk of us getting injured if we hit the iron poles,” said Nima Youezer, another student.

The park which is almost two acres in size will be able to accommodate more than a hundred children. The park will also have a footpath.

“We have a plan to divide the park into four sections. From there, two will be allocated for children. The other two will be kept for parents, child caregivers and elderly people. We will also plant trees where people can sit in the shade and take their food,” added the engineer.

The renovation works are being carried out with a budget of Nu 4 M. Once complete, visitors will be able to enjoy the facility for free.

Changa Dorji, Punakha   

Edited by Kipchu