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GPS tracking system installed in 207 buses to ensure passenger safety

Travelling in public buses is a lot safer now. All public buses are now equipped with Global Positioning System or GPS to ensure public safety. The system, used to track location, enables monitoring of the bus’s movement and speed limit. In the event of an accident involving a bus, the system can easily track the location of the vehicle.

Unlike in the past, passengers travelling in public transport are in safer hands with the installation of GPS in the buses. The project to install GPS in public buses which began in October last year ended recently.

The system is installed in 207 buses as of today. The technology has a device to monitor the departure and arrival timing of the buses. It will also track the movement of the buses.

This is expected to solve the problems at a greater length especially when vehicles break down in the middle of the journey. It can also control reckless driving and over-speeding, increasing the safety of the passengers.

“GPS monitors bus timing and it can also track the speed of the bus. With this device, we can ensure timely movement and monitor the over-speeding of vehicles. Therefore, this technology has greater benefits,” said Karma Dorji, Minister for the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Employment.

“GPS is very helpful for drivers like us. Technology can control the speed limit and over-crowding of passengers in the bus,” said Jigme Sonam, a bus driver.

“GPS technology helps us in controlling speed. If our vehicle breaks down in the middle of the journey, we can easily get help from the of Bhutan Construction and Transport Authority,” said Sonam Dendup, another bus driver.

“The device helps if a bus meets with an accident and rescuers need to locate the bus. It also really helps us in timely departure and timely arrival,” said Tobgay, a passenger.

According to the officials of Bhutan Construction and Transport Authority, the installation of GPS in public transport has increased accountability and improved customer service.

The government has spent more than Nu 2 M for the project.

Ugyen Dorji

Edited by Phub Gyem