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Civil servants claim Nu 14.2 M as false TA/DA

More than Nu 14 M was falsely claimed as travel and daily allowances or TA/DA by civil servants from July of last year till May this year. This is according to statistics maintained by the Royal Audit Authority. The Authority was able to track these claims through the Check Post Management System (CPMS), which they started using for audit purposes at the end of last year.

Out of the over Nu 14 M, more than Nu 9 M has been recovered. The audit authority is in the process of recovering the remaining amount.

According to the RAA data, ministries have accounted for the highest amount of falsely claimed TA/DA during official tours.

The Ministry of Health topped the list with more than Nu 2 M in falsely claimed TA/DA followed by the erstwhile Ministry of Education with more than Nu 700,000 in false claims.

On the other hand, the erstwhile Ministry of Labor and Human Resources has the lowest false claims at nearly Nu 50,000. According to RAA statistics, the full amount has been recovered.

It is not just the ministries; the report also highlights district-wise findings. Paro district has the highest falsely claimed TA/DA amounting to more than Nu 1 M, while Tsirang has the lowest amount at just over Nu 20,000.

To put it all together, the 20 districts collectively account for over Nu 2 M in false TA/DA claims. On the other hand, civil servants in ministries have falsely claimed more than Nu 4 M.

Ugyen Dorji

Edited by Sonam Pem