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Bhutan Echoes promises magic of storytelling, arts, and culture

Jigmi Wangdi

Rising from the shadows of the pandemic, the Bhutan Echoes Druk Literature Festival (DLF) is ready to illuminate hearts and minds once again.

Marking its highly anticipated return, this year’s festival promises a vibrant convergence of intellects and ideas, all set to unravel from August 4th.

DLF’s theme, “Reconnecting and Reviving”, resonates deeply in our post-pandemic world, where the essence of storytelling, literature, culture, and arts stands as a testament to our shared humanity.

The festival’s producer, Kitso Pelmo Wangdi, emphasised the profound significance of the chosen theme in these transformative times.

In an era shaped by virtual constraints, the urgency to come together in person and rediscover the power of human connection becomes ever more paramount. 

“We seek to forge meaningful connections not only with each other but also with the timeless art of storytelling, the rich tapestry of literature, and the cultural expressions that bind us as one,” Kitso said.

DLF will serve as a sanctuary for learning, sharing, refreshing, reflecting, and reimagining the world we inhabit. 

The compelling lineup of sessions will delve into pressing issues that define our times, including redefining travel amidst a changing world, the significance of human and community bonds in a post-pandemic era, environmental concerns, and the transformational role of technology and language.

“With a carefully curated programme, there will be something for everyone,” Kitso said, recognising the diverse interests and passions of festival attendees.

The three-day extravaganza will feature a total of 27 captivating sessions graced by an impressive roster of 60 speakers. 

Among them, 35 are Bhutanese personalities, 17 hailing from India, one from Nepal, and seven distinguished international guests. This amalgamation of voices ensures a global perspective that transcends borders and unites in the spirit of storytelling and cultural exchange.

In addition to the stimulating talks, the festival will host an array of engaging workshops conducted simultaneously at various locations in the capital. These workshops promise to provide a hands-on and immersive experience, further enriching the minds of participants.

With a commitment to inclusivity, all sessions within the festival will be open to the public, welcoming individuals from all walks of life to partake in the transformative power of literature and culture. 

The grand stage for this intellectual rendezvous will be the esteemed Royal University of Bhutan’s Auditorium, setting the scene for inspiration and enlightenment to reverberate throughout the nation.

As the Bhutan Echoes Druk Literature Festival prepares to unfold its magic, anticipation builds, and hearts flutter with excitement. 

The grand celebration of storytelling, culture, and arts will serve as a beacon of hope, rekindling connections that have weathered the storm of a pandemic.