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VP wants ‘something’ done now – Heavy week in Barbados mentally Loop Barbados

The Vice President of Let’s Unpack It (LUI) Chelsea Jordan says that this week has been heavy for Bajans, namely the youth, and it cannot continue to be business as usual when it comes to the absence or lack of access to ideal mental health resources.

“I just really want to extend my sympathies to the young people we lost recently through [suspected] suicides. This week has been very tough especially [for] young people.

“And we really, really need something to be done.”

Moderating the Mental Health roundtable during the Healthy Caribbean Coalition (HCC) Mobilinfg for 2025 – A Caribbean Civil Society NCD (Non-communicable Disease) Forum at Courtyard by Marriott today, Thursday, July 6, 2023, Jordan asserted that she wants to see a tangible solution come to fruition. Tired of the talk shops and empty promises, she reminded that young people are struggling under the weight and there seem to be no established clear cut avenues for relief, respite and help right now.

She lamented:

“Every time you come into a space you always hear, well you know, there is something at the polyclinics, or there is something here. There is always something somewhere, you know? But how many of you, knowing how we all grew up, knowing where we live, would proudly walk into the Psychiatric Hospital and say, ‘I’m going for care. I need this care.’?

“I’m pretty sure not many of us will feel [to go there], you know, because of the stigma surrounding it. So imagine a young person.”

Jordan also said that there is still a culture where too many elderly folk are unaccepting of young people experiencing mental health issues or even identifying as individuals who suffer with mental health disorders.

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She said it’s still an uphill struggle and battle against the rampant ignorance.

“We’re already dealing, and then you have the thing of some adults saying, ‘What do you have to be stressed about? You don’t pay bills. You don’t have any children. Right? I have school. I have other things. I am stressed. So those are other things still compounding and exacerbating the issue.”

In earnest, she pleaded, “We really need something to be done.”