by DevilsAdvocate / July 7th, 2023


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If I put groceries that I just purchased in the back seat of my car, and then mistakenly drove away with the car’s back door open, I would appreciate it if someone tried to warn me.

I would not care if the person was: Christian, Muslim or Rastafari; male or female; heterosexual or homosexual; employed, unemployed, or unemployable; or well-groomed or unkempt. I would just appreciate that a fellow human being cared enough to warn me.

After the warning, I should investigate whether what they were warning me about was true and act accordingly. But it would be irresponsibly risky for me to simply ignore the warning.


For over 20 years, I have repeatedly published explicit warnings, the foreseen consequences, and practical solutions about: the unsustainable national debt, sub-standard construction practises, mismanagement of public services, corrupting no-bid contracts, the ineffective secondary school teaching methods that only benefit a few, and many other things.

We now have more than sufficient evidence to confidently conclude that Barbadians do not take warnings seriously – to the extent that it has become part of our national culture. The tragic result is that we have all had to suffer unnecessarily because we chose to ignore the credible warnings.


Six years ago, I repeatedly warned about the foreseen negative effects of the lunatic national policy of giving our primary school age children unrestricted access to pornography on the Internet. The general response was that Barbadian adults were willing to sacrifice the innocence of their children to feed their own addiction to pornography.

We have only ourselves to blame for the over-sexualization of our youth. It was foreseen that planting those bad seeds would produce bad fruits with harmful social consequences – but we did not care.


The evidence suggests that the national policy of over-sexualising our primary school age children was within a wider international agenda to specifically target those of African descent.

Why did we participate in such a harmful agenda? We normally would not have, but those in control knew that addicts would do anything to feed their addictions. So, make addicts of the parents and they cannot be reasoned with – they will willingly sacrifice their children. Whether by coincidence or deliberate planning is uncertain, but this is exactly what we allowed.


Dr. Umar Ifatunde is coming to Barbados to warn us about what he believes to be an international agenda to sexualise black children. The ‘Watch Out My Children

‘Watch Out My Children’ is the same group that organised the march against dangerous provisions in the Child Protection Bill. The established media misled the public about why persons were marching, and falsely suggested that the march was political. Since I no longer trust them to report events accurately, I plan to attend the event and listen to Dr Umar’s warnings for myself.


Since Dr. Umar has a doctorate, he should be committed to research integrity. That means that he is obligated to attach equal weight to credible evidence that supports his preferred opinions as that which does not.

This approach may seem mythical in Barbados, since we rarely see evidence of research integrity by those who have attained doctorates in Barbados and comment publicly. It is common for such doctors to criticise the policies of a party they do not favour, and shamelessly embrace the same policies when their preferred party is in power.

We are told to accept such behaviour as a virtue of political expediency, instead of acknowledging that it is actually doctors sacrificing their professional integrity for political purposes. I look forward to Dr Umar’s doctoral level analysis.


I have been advised that I need to privately trust and publicly praise our elected officials, because had it not been for their exceptional vigilance, the sentences in the Child Protection Bill would have been a lot worse. I was dumbfounded.

Is being sentenced to pay a fine of $100,000 and imprisoned for ten years, for responsibly disciplining your child, not severe enough punishment? Apparently not. It seems that we are to be grateful to our elected officials for negotiating down the sentence from being hung by the neck until we are dead.

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