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Relevant authorities are not providing fresh updates Pamela Chisupa over 50 days ago

Copperbelt based Human Rights and Good Governance activist Gershom Nombuyo Phiri is concerned that relevant authorities are not providing fresh updates regarding the reported abduction of a young lady called Pamela Chisupa over 50 days ago.

Pamela was reportedly whisked away in a vehicle by unknown people while operating at a mobile money booth in Lusaka.

Mr. Phiri, the former Copperbelt University Students Union Council Secretary, said the story of Pamela should not die naturally because it involves human life which must be protected by the state.

He warned that if the case of Pamela’s alleged abduction dies it will be a victory for the people behind the scourge of abducting people.

He demanded that justice prevails in the case which has already been reported to the Police.

Mr. Phiri added that there is a need for President Hakainde Hichilema to directly intervene in the issue and ensure that justice prevails.

He said the state through its machinery must be seen protecting human life at all cost.

“As a human rights and good governance activist I am very much disappointed in the failure by the state to update the nation on the whereabouts of Pamela Chisupa and this is against the background that the President takes an oath to protect life and citizens. It is unfortunate that people are on the reacting side than being proactive and it speaks volume that a young lady from a poor family can go missing just like that and people are forgetting about the story. I am sure the abductors are now motivated to keep on doing more harm, knowing that the state seems to be weak on such an important issue. Everyone should be worried because the abductors I am sure are now happy because they have been given more time because justice delayed is justice denied,” Mr. Phiri said.

He continued:”I mean the state should have proved to be more concerned about the whereabouts of Pamela. If she can go missing like this and everyone is quiet including the state it speaks volumes. It is an abrogation of the constitution; therefore I want to advise the president to come out strongly on this issue. As head of state he has not taken the issue very seriously the way he has made pronouncements about corruption. Cautioning investigative wings. But he has not said any word to one of his citizens who is missing to my knowledge.”

“The Right to Life is a Constitutional right Legally Guaranteed by the constitution and President Hakainde Hichilema has taken an Oath to protect our lives. Until today the issue of the young lady Pamela who was abducted has no Public update from the Police. This sets a very bad and dangerous precedent especially that we are coming from a background where there was once a systematic killing of people in parts of Lusaka where their body parts were found missing, till now the public has no proper update. We also had a systematic gassing of citizens until now the people behind gassing are not known,” Mr. Phiri said.

Mr. Phiri added:“I have not a slightest doubt that the Police IG must work hard like that of the late Wazakaza Nguni. Under the current UPND administration even those who were practicing extortions and beating people in Kulima Tower, Inter City and ku Soweto who are not a moving target are free despite cases being reported during elections and even before elections. This national peace and morality which Zambia is enjoying was not a coincidence but it is as a result of a strong leadership of our early leaders.”