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Nkombo, Nakacinda, and HH’s Corruption of The Human Rights Commission

By Kapya Kaoma

To call Gary Nkombo a Cabinet Minister is to murder decency and ubuntu. A normal person wouldn’t force another human being to drink Kachasu, let alone innocent children. The issue isn’t about the legality of Kachasu, but the abuse of power. Nkombo violated the woman and her children’s rights; thereby abusing his Office. The President should have fired Nkombo immediately, and ensured he was arrested and sent to jail. Alas, the incorruptible President did and said nothing. Yet if Raphael Nakachinda calls the President’s attitude “foolish,” this Tonga tribalist commits another hate crime against Tongas!

The Human Rights Commission only advised Nkombo “to leave law enforcement to designated offices and officers as prescribed by the law.” This is despicable. The HRC acknowledged that Nkombo violated Article 15 of the Constitution, Chapter 1 of the Laws of Zambia,” and “Article 18 of the Constitution.” So why didn’t it recommend his prosecution? Wasn’t the Commission established to safeguard citizens’ rights?

Today, to worship Zambia’s Baal is the condition of citizenship. Anyone who refuses, judges him as corrupt, calls out his rampant lies, and his evil actions commits a capital crime. With countless arrests, the New Dark Regime hopes to force us into worshiping the father of falsehoods; like in Russia and Rwanda, killing the freedom of expression is this insecure and shameless dictator’s goal so that his lies, corruption and rule by decree the masses don’t oppose. Is freedom of expression not the engine of democracy?

Sadly HH is developing the Paul Kagame syndrome–the violent pacification of dissent. Sustained injustice and repression breed violent revolt. As Robert M Brown writes in Religion and Violence, the quest for freedom amidst human rights violations forces people to violently cut “the shackles of their oppression and the injustices they have suffered.” Sadly deaths, physical destruction, and even civil wars result. We are not far from it.

Yet the HRC is silently endorsing HH’s human rights abuses amidst the appropriation of human rights. The Commission is increasingly becoming irrelevant; insulting the very concept of “Human Rights,” and becoming a partner in the violation of citizens’ rights. Shebby Chilekwa, popularly known as Lungu’s barber was visibly tortured. We await the truth from the Commission to date. KBN journalist Chanda was arrested for getting hold of an audio that undressed HH’s corruption, the HRC spoke not. Chilufya Tayali was arrested for voicing economic concerns, like Baal, Mr. HRC was fast asleep. Aaron Mwale Jr of Kafue and Morris Lungu of Livingstone were arrested for “defarming” HH, Mr. HRC was on vacation at Community House. Thus arrests based solely on freedom of expression are increasing at an alarming rate, while the Commission retreats into hibernation. It is now a crime to say exactly the same things Hichilema and his cadres said loudest to Lungu, Sata, Banda, and name them. Why? The baby President cannot handle criticism.

The failure to recommend the prosecution of Nkombo and compensation of his victims through the courts, and its silence on politically motivated arrests, and the persecution of Nakachinda are the windows into what the HRC has become–the boom detergent washing powder to the most egocentric President’s human rights abuses. Raphael Nakachinda’s “hate crimes” shatters “the tribalists and hegemonists” narrative of the New Dark Regime. A tribalist this Tonga has become among his fellow Tongas for defining his own tribesman as an egomaniac whose self-consciousness is imprisoned in grand deceit. This definition Bally worshipers cannot ignore–for the tribal card which they have employed to deflect HH’s self-evident flaws, corruption and sacks of lies, in Nakachinda, are now buried. We’ve a Tonga tribalist against the Tonga President! So getting rid of him is a priority.

Unfortunately, Nakachinda’s crime will soon become the crime of the masses as Bally’s grand lies explode and the economy bites. Jesus called Herod a fox and lived, but not with HH. Call him dumb, foolish, a thief, corrupt, liar and worse, “ignorant,” these words are now copyright protected. Only Hakainde Hichilema had the human rights to employ them to Lungu, Sata and Banda. Unless you use them on Lungu and PF officials, applying them to HH will land you in Jail. Who doesn’t know that dictators are saved by intimidation, bullets, jails and torture? If HH wants respect, he must graduate from being a baby president. Behaving like a kid won’t earn him respect; it will only reduce his moral standing (if he has any).

The Commission’s voice on the Kachasu saga was not surprising–the victims were not political opponents to HH. By doing so, however, it proved its rottenness as responsible and independent voices termed Nkombo’s actions a crime, and demanded his resignation. This is something the HRC failed to do. Will he be arrested? No. UPND thugs can torture, arrest, persecute the DPP for upholding the law, and even beat and fire civil servants knowing too well that the Commission only sees what HH tells it! The Human Rights Corruption it has become.

It is foolishness; how the dishonorable Nkombo can force young people to drink Kachasu and walk free, while those who dare call the President’s actions foolish rot in jail.