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Naming of new Mulungushi International Conference Centre building after Kenneth Kaunda opposed

An International Events and Planning Expert has advised the Zambian government to drop the naming of the new Mulungushi International Conference Centre building after Dr Kenneth Kaunda.

Mulemwa Moongwa who is Managing Director at MICE Academy said there is need to preserve the rich history of the Mulungushi International Conference Centre by keeping the name on the new building.

The New Mulungushi International Conference now renamed Kenneth Kaunda International Conference Centre is a 24 square meters masterpiece with a 2500-seat conference hall, one 600-seat medium meeting room, one 400-seat multi-function hall and 60-seat group meeting rooms.

The New International conference center also has five VIP rooms, office area, exhibition area, press center, emergency medical center, service area, auxiliary facilities such as parking space.

But Ms. Moongwa said the Kenneth Kaunda’s name is too big for the new building but that government should be looking at setting up a Kenneth Kaunda Museum to keep his legacy.

“A few years ago we named a pool 90 Days Legacy. Because of our procrastination and delays, we had 90 days to pull the mammoth task and pull we did. Last week, that very pool hosted a regional tournament. I can only imagine the conversations that brew when explaining the Genesis of the name. Personally, our inefficiencies led us to work under pressure, by using that name we are forever reminded our faults as a people……with time it’s become like ‘ Zambian Time’ I cringe when I hear adults use it as an excuse for not keeping time.”

“You wonder why people name the children Misozi, Manyando, Mapenzi, a name should not be a constant reminder of the bad, how do you let go of the past and move on?”

She added, “KK’s legacy is one that needs the country to invest in his own Museum.”

“I had heard the naming of the building two months ago, I didn’t lose sleep because I honestly didn’t take it seriously but my horror to see it mounted.”

Ms. Moongwa said the Mulungushi International Conference Centre is an institution of 52 years, the truckload of peace deals orchestrated on that piece of ground by Dr Kaunda for Africa and deserves a lifetime commitment of preservation.

“The name is so sentimental that we have lost sight of where we place it. These are the moments that lead to solo protests with placards.”

“The speed of naming, folks forgot that the other two structures are nameless….We have the Old Wing (1972) that should be the Kenneth Kaunda Wing because of how much he did in that building. I would lobby all walls in the passages be lined with KK Memorabilia (others will argue he wasn’t alone) so we compromise with images from the era.”

She suggested, “The New Wing (2001) should be the FTJ Wing, he was at the helm of the Summit that brought us that facility, Millennium Village and a few other spots for the AU Summit.”

Ms. Moongwa said the New Facility should carry the Mulungushi International Conference Centre banner and be called the New Wing until the appropriate name is found.

“You see, beyond this AU Summit coming in July, that facility is a key component of Destination Lusaka and overall Destination Zambia.”