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Mongu Mayor Nyambe Muyumbana calls for prudent utilisation and management of CDF

Newly installed Mongu Mayor Nyambe Muyumbana has called for prudent utilisation and management of the increased Constituency Development Fund for the benefit of the general public.

After his installation at the Mongu Council Offices this week, Mr. Muyumbana, a journalist by profession, said he expects the majority of people to benefit from the up-scaling of CDF from K1.6 Million to K25.7 Million per constituency.

He emphasised that each and every ngwee of the CDF resources will have to be accounted for and there will be strict monitoring on the usage of these development funds.

Mr. Muyumbana further pledged to provide servant-leadership which is people-centred following his recent election on the ruling UPND ticket in a by-election.

“Kaniti lubata kufa likute ku kaufela mina babakopani fa kacenu mane nibabaluteleza mwa maneku kaufela mwa sikiliti sa Mungu. Kibakeng’isa mina, kikabaka la mina, katakazo yakuli lushenye niti amoho, kuli kacenu le lwa shumwenena mushukwe wa ku ba mueteleli wa mulonganyana wa mungu. I would like to repeat, that indeed, the shoes that I am getting into are too big for me. We will need the support and solidarity of each and every citizen of Mongu for us to achieve the goals that saw us cast a vote on the UPND ticket last month. your vote, brothers and sisters, shall not be in vain but a gain for all of us. Thus, we wish to thank ourselves, as the people of Mongu, for electing me as mayor in the recently held by-election,” Mr. Muyumbana said in Lozi and English.

“We wish to state here that we will work at providing servant-leadership; one that is context-specific and people-centred. Our great leader, who is my personal inspiration, His Excellency the president of the republic of Zambia Mr. Hakainde Hichilema has told us that we seek public office: To serve not to be served .To work hard, not to be lazy around. To give, not take to include, not exclude and to unite not divide our leadership shall be an open cheque, with our primary aim being that of ensuring that the living standards of all of us the people of Mongu are enhanced,” Mr. Muyumbana added.

“I further pledge to work closely with the people in order to achieve set goals and bring about the much needed development in Mongu, in line with the UPND manifesto and the well-defined new dawn government policies. I am coming into this office, your office, at a time when the new dawn administration has scored several milestones in terms of moving our people from a state of abject poverty to social economic growth. Yet, we are alive to the fact that our communities still have a wide range of basic needs which require the intervention of the council.”

Mongu Mayor Nyambe Muyumbana
Mongu Mayor Nyambe Muyumbana
Mongu Mayor Nyambe Muyumbana

Mr. Muyumbana said his office would prioritise the prudent management of CDF monies.

“The provision of quality social services requires a multi-sectoral approach so as to attain the goals and objectives that we have set for ourselves. To this end, councils countrywide, Mongu council inclusive, are orienting key stakeholders on the 2022 CDF guidelines. These stakeholders include ward development committees (WDCs), CDF committee members, zonal representatives and civil society organisations. We expect the majority of our people to benefit from the up-scaling of CDF which was k1.6million previously and now raised to k25.7million per constituency, in line with the decentralization agenda,” he said.

Mr. Muyumbana concluded:”In this vein, the prudent management of these CDF monies will be top priority on our agenda in that mayoral office. It will no longer be business as usual. Each and every ngwee of the CDF resources will have to be accounted for and there will be strict monitoring on the usage of these development funds. Join us in the fight against corruption by reporting any unusual utilisation of CDF, because public funds belong to all of us, not to a few individuals.”