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Lone lion spotted in Chirundu

Panic and anxiety arose among villagers in Chirundu Town’s Kapululira area when a lone lion appeared unannounced, yesterday.

The panic-stricken villagers who in their bid to safety away from the beast proved an effective weapon to scare away the beast much to the detriment of officers from the Department of National Parks and Wildlife (DNPW) alerted about the beast’s presence in the area.

Chirundu District Commissioner Patrick Kasambila who confirmed the development however expressed displeasure with the behaviour of some villagers from Kapululira area were a lone lion was spotted.

Mr. Kasambila said yesterday officers from the Department of National Parks and Wildlife (DNPW) were alerted of the presence of the lion near the Michael Chilufya Sata Bridge commonly known as “Pontoon” but before the officers tried to kill the beast, villagers started making noise hence scaring the lion which ran away.

“ The officers arrived on the scene on time but could not shoot down the beast for fear of injuring onlookers who wanted to catch the glimpse of the beast.

“ The behaviour of the villagers as unfortunate as the lion wandered to nearby Farao village where it was reported that it killed four goats, “ he said.

Mr. Kasambila stated that despite this, the wildlife officers have continued to track the beast.

By midday today , goat caucuses were found in the area indicating that the lion is still within the radius of Kapululira, Jordan and Farao villages respectively, he added.

He advised the villagers to avoid walking at night and in tall grass to avoid being attacked by the beast.

Recently, the Department of National Parks and Wildlife said there is likelihood that the number of lions on the loose in Kafue district could be more than two.

Department of National Parks and Wildlife Director, Chuma Simukonda confirmed, saying the lions escaped from Lower Zambezi National Park, in search of food.

Dr Simukonda further disclosed the latest foot prints of the lions indicate that the lions were last in Shimabala area near the toll gate.

And a resident of Kapululira, Collen Kambanje appealed to wildlife officer to intensify their patrols in Kapululira, Jordan and Farao in order to kill the beast.

Ms. Kambanje said the villagers in Kapululira, Jordan and Farao are living in perpetual fear of being attacked by the beast that is wandering within the radius of the said areas.

She explained that the villagers in the mentioned areas were scared of even going to their fields for fear of being attacked.