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Kabwe district alarmed with rise in private schools

The Ministry of Education in Kabwe has bemoaned a serious rise in unauthorized private schools in the District.

Speaking during a recent meeting, held at the Zambia Railways Boardroom, Namwinga Mpoha said her department is concerned with the increase in private schools especially that they are unauthorized.

She told ZANIS in an interview that so far, her office is aware of more than eight domestic schools that are operating in various compounds without any formal authorization from the Ministry of Education.

“Well, our department has noted with sadness that some individuals disguising themselves as teachers have opened up illegal learning structures in various compounds and most of these are not even conducive learning environments for the children,” She complained.

Mrs Mpoha added that the said schools do not have adequate learning materials and basic facilities that can be deemed fit for academic operationalization.

“According to the reports so far, these schools lack acceptable educational standards and they do not even have a glimpse of our school curricula, so it makes it difficult to understand their reason for existence if not to dupe the unsuspecting public,” She added.

She therefore, appealed to the office of the District Commissioner to intervene and put a stop to the practice by closing down the existing illegal schools.

And Kabwe District Administrative Officer, Peter Ndala, who chaired the meeting said it was disappointing to hear that some people have started operating illegal schools when the government is pushing for a prudent education agenda in the country.

Dr. Ndala said his office, through the District Commissioner, would do a spot check with the officers from the department of Education in order to ascertain the claims.

“I am at pains to learn that some people have taken to operating illegal education facilities at a time when the government has made it clear that they want integrity in the way and manner the education sector is run. I will definitely inform DC on this development and we shall arrange for an immediate spot check in order to curb the vice,” he stated.

He said he will notify the District Commissioner on the matter and that the office will make every effort to ensure that such illegal activities are halted immediately.

He further warned those in the practice of illegal academic operations to stop or else, they will be prosecuted once they are found wanting.

“I also wish to warn those in the practice of operating illegal schools to stop and adhere to government regulation and procedure or else, the law will visit them,” he warned.

Dr. Ndala, finally thanked the Department of Education for bringing such information to light saying this is important in ensuring that the lives of the children who are being subjected to such illegal activities are secured.