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Corruption within ACC: Acting D.G accused of abuse of office, missing $8,000 exhibit money from ACC Strong Room, implicated in Savenda probe

Anti Corruption Commission Acting Director General Silumesi Muchula has been accused of running down the institution after he was named to be at the centre of a litany of corruption scandals.

And information has emerged that Mr. Muchula owns several high end properties in Silverest area in Chongwe buy registered in other people’s names.

Impeccable sources within the Commission have appealed to President Hakainde Hichilema and soon to be ratified Director General Gilbert Phiri to save the integrity of the institution.

In a leaked letter, the sources whose identities have been withheld accused Mr. Muchula of unprofessional conduct, abuse of office and aiding and abetting crimes involving some ACC officers.

It is alleged that Mr. Muchula is frustrating investigations into the disappearance of $8,000 exhibit money from the ACC Strong Room in the Pandor case because it involves Webster Munsanje, a close friend to Mr. Muchula.

“There is a docket in which three officers at the ACC are involved in the theft of the $8,000 which was kept as an exhibit in the Pandor case. The money was collected from the Strong Room by Leah Mulenga under instruction from Mudumba, a close friend to Muchula. Leah says she gave money to Webster Munsanje, another close friend to Muchula. There is a docket at ACC which Muchula has sat on,” the sources said.

The sources also accused Mr. Muchula of failing to handle corruption investigations involving two ACC officers identified as Chris Siwakwi and William Chilufya who are facing corruption charges.

“There is a file of corrupt practices against the two officers which Muchula has sat on because the two are his favorites. Chris is being used in most of the investigations by Muchula when Muchula knows that Chris has a docket for corruption which is in Muchula’ office.

According to information gathered by sources, immediate past Director General Rosemary Khuzwayo had transferred the two officers (Chris and William) from the Investigations Unit instead of firing them instantly but that Mr. Muchula has reinstated the two officers.

“This is how reckless the Acting D.G is, he has sat on this case because the two officers are his boys. Is this not abuse of office?”

The sources have also accused Mr. Muchula of failing to handle a complaint against Speaker of the National Assembly Nellie Mutti in which she is accused of abusing her office by directing the Human Resources Department at National Assembly to include 15 names on the Pay Roll when there are no openings.

“There is a complaint against the Speaker which Mr. Muchula is failing to move forward. Madam Speaker directed the HR Dept at Parliament to add 15 people on the Pay Roll. This group is made up of relatives to the Speaker. She gave them up to January 24th 2022 to have them included on the Pay Roll. This is against government policy to employ people when there are no vacancies and worse still the relatives to Madam Speaker. Let Muchula come out in the open and tell the nation if he has not received that information.”

The sources also accused Mr. Muchula of living beyond his means and that there have been complaints about his standard of life but that the Drug Enforcement Commission have not taken up the matter to investigate the allegations.

“Muchula has built property in Silverest beyond his known sources of income. The property is registered in names of Mudenda Miyanda, a Car Hire Agent. He lives in one of his posh houses there. We request DEC and Zambia Police to investigate this issue otherwise we shall hire private lawyers to prosecute Muchula.”

The sources further accused Mr. Muchula of appointing a non-lawyer to supervise Advocates which is contrary to the Legal Practitioners Act.

“Muchula as Acting D.G for administrative convenience has no powers to suspend anyone nor to appoint any officer. He has done the opposite, this is against the law.

“We are also following up his involvement with Savenda. Can Mr. Muchula explain why Savenda has not been arrested up to now after he was warned and cautioned almost four months ago.”

“We are also following up a recording in which Muchula was soliciting for money from the accused persons in the Mukula scandal. We will keep the nation updated on this matter. The O.P is aware of this issue and we hope they are not hiding the same from the President.”

And when contacted for a comment, ACC Spokesperson Queen Chibwe dismissed the allegations claiming they are malicious and aimed at tarnishing the image of the Commission.

“The document you are referring to was authorized by some people within the Commission who want the Acting D.G to go. There is no truth to it and we will deal with this group administratively because we know them,” Ms. Chibwe said