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Bowman’s apology is strength in a healing nation

A clergyman on the Copperbelt says the apology rendered by Kabushi Member of Parliament Bowman Lusambo to President Hakainde Hichilema is strength in a healing nation.

Bishop Victor Kalesha of CityGate Christian Center says learning to apologise has benefits as there are benefits in forgiveness.

“The apology by Honorable Bowman Lusambo should not be taken for weakness or as a sign of surrender, but as a sign of strength for a progressive nation. What I see from Bowman’s apology is the progression of a nation headed in the right direction to a progressive nation,” Mr. Kalesha said.

“His Excellency President Hakainde Hichilema is on record having said he wants to bring healing to the nation and such healing should not be devoid of forgiveness. Bowman’s apology to me should be part of the healing process that the country should experience,” he said.

“As the Head of State and father of the nation, President Hakainde Hichilema embed in his heart an extra big heart to have a forgiving heart.
An apology from whatever angle you look at it from comes with respect and sincerity of heart, it can create an opportunity for a relationship to mend, heal and even grow a nation.”

“I would like to outline the power of apology with three main elements. 1- Acknowledgement- Being able to see how your actions impact others is key to making a sincere apology and my view Honourable Lusambo has acknowledged that. 2-Remorse and empathy- Remorse is truly feeling bad for what you have done and Bowman has expressed that. Empathy is putting yourself in the other person’s shoes and knowing how they feel and am sure Bowman has shown leadership in that area. 3- Restitution – This means taking action to provide an act or service to make up for the transgression- Bowman Lusambo has taken mature action by apologizing.”

Bishop Kalesha said when an apology contains the three components listed above then it’s meant to give benefit to both the receiver of the apology and the giver of the apology.

“Bowman’s apology which I personally support will allow for the repair of the relationship of even even other politicians on the political field. Bowman’s apology will open up genuine communication or actions to take place through the power of an apology,” he said.

“Since an opology has been rendered, President HH should no longer perceive Bowman as personal threat to the governance system, but as a contributor to the healing process. Bowman’s apology should help those calling for his blood to move past their anger prevent themselves from being stuck in the past.”