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Africans elect leaders who turn out to be sellouts and western puppets

KENYAN Pan-Africanist Professor Patrick Lumumba says it extremely unfortunate that many people who are being elected into leadership in Africa are turning out to be sellouts and western puppets.

Lumumba says there are very few people who have morals in leadership positions across the African continent. While delivering a speech in Uganda as monitored by the TheAfricana, Lumumba bemoans the scarcity of people with high moral decorum adding that, the reason why Africa has continued to be poor is because there are people who are puppets and are serving the interest of those who have interest in minerals.

“I stand here as a sad person. When you look around Africa we have leaders who are sellouts. But a proper prescription of the problem reveals that it is not only the politicians who are a problem. The voters are a big part. Anyone who stand to give people proper programs and manifestos, voters will not listen. They want to listen when a someone is talking while such a person has cash to distribute to them. This is the reason why Africans have successfully elected village fools into office and such fools are busy auctioning their minerals to outsiders through all sorts of tax concessions. I dare say and am not guilty for holding this notion that, we have some corrupt African leaders among us who are puppets, and are busy handing over our minerals to imperialists.”

Lumumba’s comments come barely a few days after South African opposition leader Julius Malema also added his voice that there are presidents in African who are assisting white capitalists to plunder Africa’s minerals.

The assertions of Lumumba also find expression in those of Paul Kagame who not long ago, said any leader who gives tax breaks to mines is a criminal.

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