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ACC disobeys court orders to release Lusambo, claims they need to verify who his sureties, Miles Sampa and Chama North MP are

In a desperate attempt to continue keeping Kabushi Member of Parliament Bowman Lusambo behind bars, the Anti-Corruption Commission yesterday objected to his bail claiming that they need to verify his sureties.

PF Matero Member of Parliament Miles Sampa and his Chama South counterpart Davison Mung’andu were brought before Court as the Mr Lusambo’s sureties.

But officers from the ACC communicated with Mr. Lusambo’s lawyers that they do not know the suerites and rejected the Letters of Introduction saying they needed to accurately verify with the National Assembly.

And Mr. Sampa confirmed that he spent the entire day on Thursday trekking from the Courts in Kabwata to Parliament at Manda Hill to obtain introduction letters.

“Spent the entire day trekking to ACC offices in town Kulima tower (to be seen in person). Then inbetween had to locate Lusaka Water and ZESCO pay points so as to obtain a receipt in my name to act as proof of residency in Lusaka.”

“This was in order to help Hon Ronald Chitotela and Hon Bowman Lusambo obtain bail out off police cells they have been held last few days. 50% progress was made by end of daylight.”

And PF Acting Secretary General Nickson Chilangwa has described the action of President Hakainde HICHILEMA through the ACC as is sadistic and a travesty of justice.

“It is absurd that the ACC can claim that they don’t know whether or not, Hon Miles Sampa and Hon Davison Mung’andu are Members of Parliament. What kind of buffonery is this? Do these officers at ACC have any personal conscience or they are under remote control or are under a spell?”

Mr Chilangwa said any officer at that high level who does not know that Miles Sampa and Davison Mung’andu are representatives of the people in Parliament must immediately resign.

“They don’t deserve to occupy the offices they are occupying,” Mr. Chilangwa said.

“With such ignorance at ACC, the country is in trouble and no one who appears before the ACC is safe. Hon Miles Sampa and his Chama South counterpart, Hon Davison Mung’andu were brought before Court as Hon. Bowman Lusambo’s sureties. But the ACC told Hon Lusambo’s lawyers that they do NOT know the sureties and rejected the letters saying they needed to verify with the National Assembly whether it is indeed true that Miles Sampa and Davison Mung’andu are MPs. This is clearly wanton and excessive abuse of the law and the court processes.”

He added, “We have said time and again that this crusade is not about corruption, no, it is about revenge, persecution and fixing political scores and we have been vindicated.”

“Mr Hichilema is so obsessed with his bitter desire to fix PF members and kill PF. But we have word for Mr. Hichilema, badala power comes and goes and the very things you are doing to others shall be done to you when you leave that office. Let go of your anger and bitterness; you are in that office to serve the people of Zambia and not to punish your perceived political enemies.”