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About Dividing the Country:Policy of Preventing Zambians from Applying for jobs in any part of the country should stop

By Sean Tembo – PeP President

1. A few days ago, Southern Province Minister; Cornelious Mweetwa announced that he is not happy with the teacher recruitment process for Southern Province because he feels that it was infiltrated by people who come from outside the province. According to the Minister, only people who come from Southern Province need to apply for teaching jobs in the Province.

2. Most people might not understand or appreciate how divisive such a Government policy is, but we are tearing apart Zambia. One inch at a time. The full implications of this stupid Government policy might not be seen today or tomorrow, but it shall surely be seen soon.

3. President Hakainde Hichilema continuously sings about the motto of One Zambia One Nation, but his actions and those of his Government are very far from uniting this country. To the contrary, he is dividing this country at a faster pace than any of his 6 predecessors ever did. Indeed, with their current mindset, President Hakainde Hichilema and his New Dawn administration are a danger to the peace, unity and national security of this country.

4. To an ordinary resident of Southern Province, Cornelious Mweetwa’s statement means that there should not be a Government worker in the province who comes from another province. Obviously the common way that Southerners will be able to determine if particular civil servants in the province are from within the province or not, will be by looking at their surnames and also whether they can speak the local language.

5. It will only be a matter of time before Southerners start feeling that their job opportunities in the civil service in the province, have been taken away from them by people from other provinces. And who is to know how they will express their anger and frustration towards the teachers, medical personnel etcetera who do not come from within the province? These civil servants might be harassed, assaulted or even killed.

6. If, God forbid, civil servants coming from Northern or Eastern Province are harassed, assaulted or killed in Southern Province because of the inciting words that were issued by Minister Cornelious Mweetwa, what do you think would be the reaction by the people of Northern or Eastern Province towards civil servants that come from Southern Province who work in their area?

7. Before you realize it, such acrimony will spread beyond civil servants to just ordinary citizens who have settled in other parts of Zambia, away from their places of origin, and then it will spread to the metropolitan cities of Lusaka and Copperbelt, and then it will spread to our security and defense wings, and then we shall destroy our beautiful country while singing the One Zambia One Nation hymn, but not practicing it.

8. Suffice to mention that the UPND Government policy that only people coming from a particular province can be employed in that province, is unconstitutional and flies in the teeth of the constitutional declaration of Zambia as a unitary state. Even for countries with a federal government system like the United States, a citizen who is a resident of one state can freely travel to another state and get a Government job there. So why should Zambians from other provinces be prevented from getting a job in Southern Province?

9. By now, most reasonable Zambians have realized that President Hakainde Hichilema and his Government are a bunch of naive and incompetent people, as far as national governance is concerned. But it’s one thing for President Hichilema to be naive and incompetent in running the economy, and quite another thing for him and his Government to divide and inflame this country because of their naivety and incompetence.

10. President Hakainde Hichilema should immediately suspend his Government’s stupid policy of preventing Zambians from other provinces from applying for and getting a civil service job in Southern Province. If the President cannot see that this is a stupid policy, then perhaps it is not the policy that is stupid.