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Vanuatu organisation helps women become leaders during disasters

An organisation in Vanuatu is helping more women to take control during and after natural disasters because they say the ‘whole community recovers faster.’

Flora Vano from ActionAid Vanuatu said their organisation is trying to equip women to become leaders during and after natural disasters in local communities.

“From our experience when women are empowered to lead humanitarian responses, their whole community recovers faster,” Ms Vano said.

“When you put them in charge of a committee, they take it very seriously and make sure everyone’s safety comes first.”

Programs like Women’s Weather Watch are helping to connect and encourage the sharing of weather information as form of early warning for communities.

“We know that during disasters women are on the front line, caring for their communities, evacuating and caring for children, the injured and elderly.”

ActionAid is ultimately aiming to support these female networks to be more self-sufficient and increase organically in the future.

“We have given them the fishing line, hooks, bait and taught them how to fish, then shown them the fishing site and let them learn to catch their own fish,” Ms Vano said.

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