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Takeoff’s Murder Suspect Patrick Clark Released On $1 Million Bond

The man charged with Migos rapper Takeoff’s murder, Patrick Clark, was released from jail on Wednesday night on a $1 million bond, jailhouse records show.

The news of the release came as a shock as Clark had tried for the second time to reduce the $1 million bond claiming that he didn’t have the means. His attorney had tried to get the bond reduced to $300,000 just a little over a week ago.

Clark was initially held on a $2 million bond, but his defense team had applied for a motion to lower the bond, claiming that the man couldn’t make such a steep figure. The bond was then reduced to 1 million, but his lawyers again asked for it to be reduced to a further $300,000, noting that he couldn’t afford a million.

Clark’s attorney Letitia Quinones at a recent press conference, had said that there were hopes his bond would be reduced given his cooperation with authorities.

“A couple of weeks ago, the judge laid out some conditions and requirements he wanted the defense to meet,” Quinones said at a press conference on December 29. “We believe we’ve satisfied each one of those requirements.”

However, at the time, prosecutors strongly argued against Clark getting bond which judge Josh Hill of the 232nd District Court agreed with.

The judge noted that his decision not to lower bond was based on statements by Clark presented by prosecutors in which he said he could pay a $1 million bail and would use a bail bond company along with a family home to offset the bond, ABC13 reported.

Prosecutors had also staunchly disagreed with lowering the bond for Clark, who was reportedly arrested with a large sum of cash and what appears to be tickets on his way to Mexico. Prosecutors think he was trying to escape the jurisdiction.

Despite Clark’s lawyers saying he was impecunious in court, prosecutors posited that he was not forthcoming about his financial assets. In one instance, they say that he was recorded on a jail phone call saying a $2 million bond was “doable.”

In the meantime, his current bond conditions are to stay with his family in East Houston and not contact the victim’s family. His passport was also taken as he is considered a flight risk, and the judge also ordered that he be subjected to GPS monitoring through a specific bond company.

In the meantime, Clark’s case continues in March. He is charged with the murder of Kirsnick Khari Ball, also known as Takeoff, on November 1. Police say video evidence shows Clark on camera holding a gun and drinking from a wine bottle. The bullets from that gun are said to be the ones that ended Takeoff’s life. He was shot in the head, and his final moments were captured on camera.