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Skillibeng Joins Drake and 21 Savage On ‘IAAB’ Tour Opening Show

Canadian rapper Drake officially kicked off the ‘It’s All a Blur’ Tour featuring 21 Savage and offering fans a stunning amount of music that’s sure to leave them satisfied after the performance.

Drake is ensuring fans get their money’s worth as he offers a 54-track setlist that even tops his recent Apollo Theatre event earlier this year with 41 songs.

The rapper’s “IAAB” tour officially began on Wednesday night with Skillibeng opening for the artist at the Chicago United Center, where fans poured into the venue from early with their umbrellas and windbreakers while it rained.

Drake has promised that the 56-date tour will be “a celebration of the last decade” and that it was as fans raved about seeing the rapper for the first time on tour since 2018 when he joined the Migos for the “Aubrey & the Three Migos tour” across the country.

Still, this is his biggest headlining tour with 56 stops, where he also told fans that he had a new album coming soon that will bring back the “old Drake” type of music that they missed.

“…about how much music I put out but it’s like I look around at all these faces, I know it’s summertime, I gotta give you sh*t,” the rapper said.

He added that “I don’t know about these guys that go away, 3,4,5 years chill out all that sh*t, that’s not me. With that said I got an album coming out real soon for yall, it’s called ‘For All the Dogs’. I always hear people talking about ‘man, we miss that old Drake’…I really don’t understand what people mean but then I did this show and I performed a lot of my old music and I understand what you mean, you need more music so that you can feel good about your new lovers, sh*t on your new exes…get fly, get drunk.”

In the meantime, Skillibeng’s opening performance is the first time he has done so for Drake, although he previously performed at the artist’s birthday party last year.

The artist performed his songs “Whap Whap,” “Crocodile,” “16 Choppa,” and other hits.

In the meantime, take a peek at the setlist below:


1. “Look What You’ve Done”2. “Marvins Room”3. “Say Something” (Hook Only)4. “Shot For Me”5. “Can I”6. “Feel No Ways”7. “Jaded”8. “Jungle”9. “Over”10. “Headlines”11. “The Motto”12. “HYFR (Hell Ya F*cking Right)”13. “Started From The Bottom”14. “Energy”15. “Know Yourself”16. “Nonstop”17. “Sicko Mode”18. “Way 2 Sexy”19. “BackOutsideBoyz”20. “Jumbotron Sh*t Poppin”21. “Laugh Now Cry Later”22. “God’s Plan”23. “Childs Play”24. “Wait For U”25. “In My Feelings”26. “Nice For What”27. “Controlla”28. “Too Good29. “Find Your Love”30. “Fountains”31. “Work”32. “One Dance”33. “Calling My Name”34. “Massive”35. “Sticky”36. “Search & Rescue”

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21 Savage

37. “Red Opps”38. “Don’t Come Out The House”39. “10 Freaky Girls”40. “Who Want Smoke??”41. “Peaches & Eggplants”42. “Rockstar”43. “A Lot”44. “No Heart”45. “X”46. “Runnin”47. “Mr. Right Now”48. “Bank Account”

Drake And 21 Savage

49. “Knife Talk”50. “On BS” (Played From Tape)51. “Spin Bout U”52. “Jimmy Cooks”53. “Rich Flex”

Drake / Encore

54. “Legend”

Drake’s next stop is the Little Ceasars Arena in Detroit, Michigan, on July 8, and goes through the Midwest, Western, and Northeast States, as well as several stops in Canada.