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Quavo Says Migos and Offset Reunion Is Unlikely, Relationship Irreparable

Did Quavo officially confirm that the Migos rap group are never getting back together after Offset exit?

As two thirds of the Migos continue their press run for their recently released album Only Built for Infinity Links, they seem to be shedding more light on the situation that caused the group to split up. While the rappers remain abstruse in their coded language, they have said enough for fans to ascertain that the Migos chapter may have officially ended, and it was a result of a disagreement among the rappers themselves.

Since rumors began circulating that the famous hip-hop group had disbanded earlier this year, fans have continued to cock their ears in hopes of learning why and hearing about the possibility of a reunion. The chances seemed to dwindle with the developments from Offset’s lawsuit against Quality Control over his solo career as he says he “paid handsomely” for rights to his music, and the label reneged on the deal; Quavo and Takeoff who as a duo now goes by the moniker Unc & Phew also released singles the same time as Set further suggesting to fans that they have split.

Takeoff, Popcaan, and Quavo in Jamaica

In a recent interview with Drink Champs, Unc & Phew confirmed their fans’ fears when they began to discuss the unlikelihood of reuniting. When N.O.R.E. asked if there would ever be a Migos reunion, Quavo responded, “I don’t think so.” He went on to allude to loyalty being a deal breaker. “Right now I believe in the duo. We just stand on loyalty. Like I’ve said in the songs, like I’ve said in everything, we stand on muthaf***n loyalty. It’s just about us. When things ain’t right sometimes you gotta gotdamn move on.”

He continued, “When ego, anything get in the way you gotta just sometime just sit and just watch what’s going on and see what’s going on. If anybody was wrong, n***as would be all along. At the end of the day, n***as got problems that they need to fix. This don’t got nothin’ to do with no lawsuit.”

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Quavo added that Quality Control’s Pee changed his life and that he felt any lawsuits filed against the label weren’t right. “When ni***s do something great you gotta appreciate that sh*t and just keep going and keep moving. Sometimes when you see bad seeds you gotta remove yourself,” he said.

Meanwhile, the rapper also confirmed that they will never disavow the Migos name. “It’s still Migos,” Quavo said. “That name right there took us through the muthaf***n roof. You can’t sell it or give it up… Cheers to Migo.” Takeoff insisted that the duo’s collaborative effort was always going to happen. “That’s somethin’ I always wanted to do though. Yeah just like me personally just the bucket list… I always have wanted to drop like a venture, you know what I’m sayin’ a collab album,” the rapper said, adding that Quavo is his real blood.

There was at least one moment during the interview that would renew the faith of hopeful fans as when asked if Offset would be a part of a Migos Verzuz should it ever happen, Takeoff said, “Sh*t, if that check right.” Either way, Migos fans are still hoping the trio can work out their personal matters and come together again but is it a lost cause?