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Offset Threatens Rapper Who Slide In Cardi B’s DM

Offset is upset that another rapper might have made a move on his wife, Cardi B, and threatens to confront the unnamed rapper.

On Saturday, Offset shared DM’s from someone he says messaged Cardi B and allegedly propositioned her with the promise that he won’t embarrass her. The Migos rapper shared an Instagram Story where he promised the unknown DM slider hands.

“I seen them dm to my wife ima run into you [smoke emoji] b**ch,” he wrote. He also shared a DM where the sender’s name was redacted. “Happy B day!! Enjoy your day… don’t let none throw you off!!” the message began.

It added, “Somebody sent me an invitation ion no if it’s real or not! An I be hearing sh*t but from me to you I’m 1000 on every aspect from the biggest sh*t down to me even dm you!! I’ll never do no cornball sh*t or even do none to make your people mad etc!! I hate when a mf think ima fu– n**ga cause I really come from a genuine place.”

It’s unclear who sent the DMs, but fans online have been speculating and even joking about the man behind the message.

“Sound like Shaq,” one person wrote. “He got the baddest chick in the game so what does he expect? Every man wants her,” one of Cardi’s fans said.

“This got yk Osiris name all over it,” another mused while one added, “If you from ATL you know it’s [Lil] Baby lol it’s obvious.”

“He from Atlanta whoever it is,” another said.

Offset’s rant comes just a day after rumors surfaced that he might have cheated on Cardi B. On Friday, mysterious videos and text messages were shared by a woman who claimed that she was smashing Offset while he was married to Cardi and that she had been in the Bronx rapper’s house and had sex on their marital bed.

Neither Offset nor Cardi reacted to the cheating rumors, and the woman who shared the videos has not identified herself nor addressed whether her claim is recent or from years ago.

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On Monday (June 26), Offset shared a message accusing his wife of cheating. The Migos rapper quickly deleted the post but not before Cardi B got wind of it and went on Clubhouse to clap back at him. “My wife f**ked a n**ga on me gang yall n**as know how I come,” Set wrote.

Cardi B stated that Offset is spiralling and that’s why he is making the accusations. Migos fans also accused the Bronx rapper of bad mouthing her husband on Clubhouse.

“Don’t pay attention to that countryman, y’all. Don’t pay attention, y’all. That spaces the other day got a mf spiralling and thinking sh*t, come on now. I’m Cardi B. I think mfers forget I’m Cardi B, if I was giving this p**sy to anybody, it would be yow I’m not just anybody,” she said.