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Lanisha Cole Shares Ciara’s Prayer In Reaction To Nick Cannon’s 12th Child

Lanisha Cole seems to be done with Nick Cannon as she shared a curious post on Friday featuring a recital of the popular “Ciara’s Prayer” by Summer Walker and Ciara, where she asked that the next man of her life to be her husband and one who is only all about her.

Cole’s post comes just a day after Nick Cannon announced that he welcomed his 12th child, a daughter named Halo Marie Cannon, with model Alyssa Scott.

On her Instagram account, Lanisha posted the recital and the graphics for the prayer with the caption, “AMEN #ciarasprayer.”

The prayer reads, “I pray the next man in my life will be my husband/I pray he loves me, leads me/Guides me, reassures me/I pray that he holds me/I pray that I have everything that/I want and need in him/I pray he will love me the way you love me/Your love is unconditional/You are the way, the truth, and the life.”

The song was featured on Summer Walker’s album, Still Over It. Lanisha Cole has been the only baby mama of Nick Cannon who has hinted at being disappointed in her relationship with Cannon. The two welcomed Nick’s ninth child -a daughter named Onyx Ice Cole in September, and Lanisha announced the baby had taken her name rather than her father’s last name, Cannon.

There were speculations as to the baby’s paternity since Cole had been photographed in the company of another man. However, Cannon later confirmed Onyx’s birth and announced the baby.

It seems that the weight of Cannon’s lifestyle has caused Cole shame and pain as she called out persons who were attacking her and referring to her as ‘baby mama 538’.

In a post last week, she wrote, “I get that it’s easy to sit on your phone and look at a tiny glimpse of a person’s life and feel like you’re better than them.”

Cole admitted that she made some mistakes in the past but is now choosing to do better for herself.

“Calling me baby mama #538 every time I say the sky is blue is uncalled for and it’s getting old,” Cole added.

She had also hinted in the post that she was a “single mom” and overcoming heartbreak.

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Shortly after the birth of his daughter, Cannon had asked that people stop bashing Cole, noting that she was an amazing mother and didn’t deserve the criticism and cynicism directed at her.