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Kemar Highcon Addresses ‘Grand Theft Auto’ Arrest In New Song With Teejay

Dancehall artiste Kemar Highcon is turning life into art as he releases a new song addressing his recent arrest in Florida.

The song “Grand Theft Auto” is produced by Rvssian and features fellow artiste Teejay was released at noon Jamaican time on Friday, a day after the dancehall artist told fans he would be addressing the situation.

Kemar Highcon was arrested on May 5, 2023, in Broward County by police officers in Margate and was later released on a $500 bond. A copy of his arrest record was shared online, showing that he was booked for grand theft auto after his ex-girlfriend reported to cops that he had stolen her car. However, that appears to not be the case, with some reports suggesting the two had a falling out, and she was aware he had the vehicle.

The artiste did not share what exactly happened in his song, but in his song, he appears to be terrorized by a jealous and upset girlfriend. “Likkle one gal get me caught up,” he sings in the song.

It seems that the artiste remains optimistic and seems to hint that the circumstances of his arrest are not true according to the facts. “Me affi flex up pan my ex inna the Tesla with open doors,” he sings.

In another verse, he says, “Mi can’t lose, yeah, still a listen to the fake news. A wha do some fools, yeah, gal deh ya fi me pick and choose…gal a say she love me mugshot.”

The video for the song features a reenactment of the artiste’s arrest as well as him, Teejay, and Rvssian at a pool party. There are also scenes of a plus-sized model playing his ex-girlfriend stalking and tracking his location on an iPad and her arguing with him because he chooses to go out without her.

On Social media, the artiste’s fans reacted to the new song. “Was I pranked?” one asked about the original arrest. Another replied, “Wasn’t a prank. He just turning a bad situation into something good by capitalizing on it.”

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“A play you play off it but god bless you still,” another fan commented on Instagram.

Another fan also warned him to ensure the vehicle he drives is legit to avoid future legal problems.”

On Instagram, Highcon also shared a photo of him and the model with the caption, “Deportation how? I love you, Raven.”