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Joseline Hernadez Arrested For Brawl At Mayweather Gotti Fight

Joseline Hernadez has been arrested and booked on several felony charges following a nasty fight that took place after the Floyd Mayweather and John Gotti III fight on Sunday night.

The boxing match took place at the FLA Live Arena in Sunrise, Florida but descended into chaos shortly after the exhibition was stopped by the referee; Gotti attacked Mayweather.

Videos also showed the Joseline’s Cabaret reality star attacking several people backstage at the event. She was arrested on Monday and charged with four charges, including trespassing, and assault and battery, following a fight involving rapper Big Lex.

Videos online showed Hernandez choking out Big Lex in a headlock, causing the rapper’s clothes to rip and exposing her breasts and upper body, and she was seen swinging and kicking the woman in the head while she was on the ground.

The woman’s weave was pulled off during the fight, and it appears that people who were with Hernandez were also attacking Big Lex and her camp.

While Big Lex was on the ground, Hernandez was seen running in and stomping the person with her blue high heels. She later kicked off the shoe and continued to kick the person in the face and head.

A frightened man can be heard yelling on a video, “Hey man somebody stop that s**t,” the man filming can be heard yelling. “Hey hey, stop that girl man. She’s killing that girl… They are letting this girl beat the f**k out of this girl.”

It’s unclear what caused the fight, but Hernandez later turned her attention to another man whom she tried to grab. Two groups of women, supposedly those with Big Lex and her, also went at each other. Joseline also attacked another woman who threw liquid at her from a cup.

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Someone who is linked to Joseline’s camp is also seen pursuing a woman and socking her head back as she tries to run away.

As for the Mayweather-Gotti fight, the fighters were both disqualified, bringing the fight to an end. This was not received well by each fighter’s camp as they also began to fight.

Gotti was the one who attacked Mayweather as he seemed upset that referee Kenny Bayless stopped the fight before the sixth round time had expired.