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Mayor Adams, we must find new answers to crime

Mayor Eric Adams saysCongress will hold a special sessionto finally amend recent criminal justice reforms. I strongly demand it. But he also needs to figure out what he can do if lawmakers keep refusing.

This year's serious crimes occurred 40% in 2021, andNYPD data show. In addition, murders increased by double digits in July, but so far decreased by 4.2% from the previous year, and shootings increased in the same way last month, but decreased this year.

This means that the NYPD is stuck in a whac-a-mole, moving resources to focus on one problem and seeing the other worsen. is showing.

Yes, the law needs to be amended, and judges and district attorneys need to become a reality. But Adams and the NYPD can also do some rethinking.

Former NYPD CommissionerAs Bill Bratton said in a post, he and then Mayor Rudy Giuliani "turned things around" in the 1990s, historic and permanent. Recorded a total crime. Reduction. Bratton also accuses "unlucky criminal justice reform efforts" as a source of trouble, but there are still lessons to be learned about the success of the 90s.

Specifically, the mayor considers increasing the number ofplain clothesanti-gun units, strengthened precision crackdowns, and even stop questions and Frisk. can.

After all, Adams endorsed the use of someStop Questions and Frisks as an effective police tool in his campaign, especially when it comes to driving guns off the street. did. Also, Judge Shira Shindrin of the State Supreme Court did not actually ban tactics. She decided thatonly the city had to obey the court order bailout. Mayor Bill de Blasio undertook it to himself to end it.

Do more for NYPD morale. The contempt for police officers is becoming more and more toxic. After the Bronx Dominican Day parade on Sunday, officers werepunched and beaten with glass bottles . It's no wonder police retire at record speeds and leave for other units. The mayor can send a strong positive message by encouraging the city council to regain limited immunity.

Adams cannot wait for the legislature to flood the left-wing anti-police, nor for the governor to be afraid to detain a district attorney vulnerable to crime. Tired New Yorkers will support him as he makes changes in his power.

We must give something before the city falls into further crime and turmoil.