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Why the Mets think Edwin Diaz belongs to Cy Young's conversation

Only nine Cy Young Award-winning rescuers have been awarded since Eric Gagné approached the Dodgers in 2003. Hmm.

And with two months left this season, Marlins ace Sandy Alcantara is very popular for winning the NL Cy Young Award.

But is Edwin Diaz, closer to the Mets, having an incident in the midst of a really dominant season?

"Hundred percent," said Mets rescuer Tommy Hunter on Friday. "Who throws better than him?"

Diaz, who didn't make it to, where Mets lost to Atlanta 9-6 on Friday night, belongs to his own class. I am. After saving6 outs against the Braves on Thursday, Diaz beat 87 of the 167 batters he faced this year, achieving 24 saves in 0.89 WHIP, 1.44 ERA, 43² / ₃ innings. Did. .. His strikeout rate is 52.1%, and he has the highest relief pitcher in 43 appearances in MLB history.

On the other hand, Alcantara was the most elite starter. On Friday, he achieved 1.88 ERA, 141 strikeouts, 3 complete games and 0.93 WHIP in 158¹ / ₃ innings.

Mets closer Edwin Diaz recorded a six-out save in the Mets win over the Braves in Game 1 of the five-game series.
N.Y. Posted by: Charles Wenzelberg

"Yes, he has something great , Not close to anywhere, in honor of being [as much as Diaz] dominant, "said Hunter. "He's great, don't get me wrong, but he's definitely not in the same category as Edwin so far."

Of course, in the middle of the Mets Clubhouse The starting pitcher had a different view of the relief Cy Young candidate.

"To be honest, it's so valuable that it's very difficult to win as a savior," said Chris Bassitt. "The value of a starter to the value of relief is dramatically different. There are starters who can win Cy Young. This is much more valuable than a closer."

"Wins Above Replacement" is Bassitt I accept. According to Fangraphs, Diaz has a 2.2 fWAR against Alcantara's 4.2. But both Bassitt and Hunter, formerly Cy Young's voted rescuer teammates, agree that what Diaz is doing is special.

The hunter was in the Orioles bullpen in early 2016 when Zack Britton announced a single-season ERA of 0.54 ERA (pitchers with 50 innings or more). Left-handed closer and groundball specialists finished fourth in ALCy Young's vote that year.

Edwin Diaz
NY. Posted by: Charles Wenzelberg

"What Edwin is doing is on a different level There is, "said the hunter. "Sure, I'm not taking anything out of Zack Britton's dominance. That's not what I intended, but this is a different level of dominance. ERA plays and defends with your team. , And has a lot to do with unruly results. Edwin controls his destiny at historic speed.

"He's missing a chance and stamping

Until Thursday, Diaz's 87 strikes lead all MLB reliefs, 21 more than Cardinals, who are close to second-placed pitcher Ryan Healthley. Diaz has been particularly out of control lately, with 33 of his last 45 outs coming in via strikeouts.

"It's like a video game," Bassitt said.

In 2020, Bassitt was Liam Hendriks' Oakland teammate and was ranked 9th in the AL Cy Young vote (Bassitt was 8th). In 2018, he was on the roster with Blake Treinen. At that time, athletics was ranked 6th in the ALCy Young vote. The Diaz season reminds us of Treinen in a way that Bassitt was able to limit base runners.

"There are obviously closers who have really good things, but things can happen because they can be based on men," Bassitt said. "[In the case of Diaz] To be honest, when someone raises the on-base percentage, it's like" what happened? " It doesn't even score. The most impressive thing for me is that he doesn't walk a man.

"When you have an elite of what he has, the biggest thing is, do you beat yourself? He doesn't."