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Wendy Williams' family and friends are concerned after 'marriage' claims

Friends and family are becoming increasingly concerned about Wendy Williams. Especially after Wendy Williams bizarrely claimed in a phone conversation thatshe married a NYPD officer

she wanted the best for her. She worries about being surrounded by people who aren't healthy and being rushed into work and media appearances before she's healthy enough. The two were scratching their heads after 's blog, Hollywood Unlocked, reported that she had called CEO Jason Lee. ''

Lee posted a clip of a phone call with Williams stating, ''I'm married.

In an interview with Page Six, Tommy, the younger brother of her show legend, said she was "really sad" about her recent appearances and interviews.

"I've been with Wendy since the beginning and she's never spoken like this, but I don't think she's at fault. It's a precarious situation," he said. rice field.

He told us that he recently spoke with his sister and she had not said anything about her husband.

Wendy Williams
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"She wasn't married last week," he said. said, "I think it's kind of crazy and very disturbing." Delayed several times, it aired in June amid reports that she was struggling with her mental health.

She has given several interviews since then. Among them were, in an interview with the Post last month, "ready forf–k"

Wendy Williams
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According to insiders, her situation has not improved since she went off the air. ``The situation is really funny. Williams' jeweler-turned-rep, William Shelby, said Wednesday that he is not married, adding, "She's excited about the new relationship and is probably hooked on the conversation." However, he told us that Williams was calling shots about her career and her return to the public eye. I'm doing my best to make it work," he said.

Wendy Williams and WIlliam Shelby
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Always fully agree... when she interviewed If you want, we may do the interview, but if it doesn't work out, we'll stop.We're still testing the waters," he said.  

She and Shelby are working on "The Wendy Experience" podcast, which he hopes will come out "in mid-August... if all goes well," he said.  

"She says she wants to do a podcast every day. She's ready to do this thing today and I'm fighting her," Shelby said, noting that Williams is still

"Could she be better? Yes. Do more to put her in a space where she can be better represented." I want her legacy to be respected and intact," he said.

Jason Lee and Wendy Williams
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Meanwhile, other sources are confused about her relationship with Shelby. Rumors date back to 2020

"This William person is her jeweler, but now acts as her rep or manager and is on the podcast It makes no sense, ”said the first source.

Tommy did not name Shelby, but believes his sister is being taken advantage of.

"If she is around the right people, they in front of the camera, she's in the wrong hands," he said.

Tommy and Williams have had a difficult sibling relationship in recent years,due to frequent mentions of her on his YouTube show "The Tommy Williams Show". increase. Still, "we speak regularly and I hope she is in good health," he said.

"I want her back in Florida because there is love in it. She needs to be around people who really love her," he said. 98} Tommy Williams

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from me when I tell her that," he added.

On the other hand, Shelby said he doesn't feel "catastrophic is going to happen" but he knows Williams needs support. It's the best way we can all work together.

"Wendy lost her mother. She lost her show. She divorced her husband.Her son did not go to college. These All four things affect everyone," he said.

Additionally, "She has lymphedema, thyroid problems...she's a pretty heavy package for one person. She's been through a lot," he said. .

``I want her to be as happy and healthy as possible. 'Shelby told us.