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Strange Pregnancy Tendency Emerges from Obsession with Zodiac Signs

Parents time their pregnancies to coincide with the birth month of their preferred zodiac sign. This has been a phenomenon for many years.

Some parents are reportedly planning their pregnancies so that their child will be born in the proper month after nine months.

Reddit has multiple threads dedicated to trends.

"Has anyone tried to plan their future child's zodiac sign based on you and your zodiac sign?" Reddit question begins.

"My husband thinks I'm crazy for wanting to plan my next child according to the signs so that when we have the next one we'll all get along."

Dozens of people attended, including one who:

"Great idea! My parents and I had a great relationship."

Another addition: "I like the idea of ​​adding a Libra. I I had three Libra best friends, so I thought it might work."

Parents are planning out what their kids' zodiac may be.
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 ViceAccording to Vice, astrological beliefs are among aspiring parents in America who plan when they want to conceive a child.

But things don't always go according to plan.

The outlet spoke to several parents who had babies a little too early or too late to fulfill her wish to have the perfect zodiac sign.

North Carolina native Mackenzie Warren wanted a Scorpio child, but her daughter ended up being a Libra.

The couple tried again, but deliberately delayed it to avoid Pisces. The second time it worked because they ended up in Aquarius.

Then Los Angeles native Kimberly Miller told the publication that she really didn't want a Virgo child. As the month approached, she tried to initiate all sorts of processes.

Her mother ate a "maternity salad" and recited her nembutsu at the recommendation of her friend.

Her daughter is now in her teens, and she is said to be very laid-back, even though she is a Virgo.