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US declares monkeypox outbreak a public health emergency

Monkeypox vaccine supply frustrated

Biden The administration has declared a public health emergency over themonkeypox outbreak,with more cases than any other country in the world. increase. Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra announced the decision at a briefing on Thursday.

Over the past decade, such national emergency declarations have been formerly the COVID-19 pandemic,the opioid crisis Provides broad flexibility in funding and regulation to address the {.102} monkeypox epidemic that was only declared against

Related decisions opened the door for the Food and Drug Administration to grant Emergency Use Authorizations and 105} Access to treatments and vaccines for monkeypox outbreaks

For example, a spokesperson for Becerra's division told CBS News earlier this month that millions of ginneos that had been previously stockpiled showed him whether the monkeypox vaccine dose was effective. Confirmed that we are working to see if. Deployed under Emergency Use Authorization. 

Expired dose samples were sent back to manufacturer Bayern He Nordic for testing, but a spokesperson said, "It is unlikely that these doses are viable. very low," he said. 

Officials have said for weeks that they are considering the move as cases surge and demand for injections far outstrips supply in the country. . 

This move has contributed to an increasing number of jurisdictions, including several states and citiesand the World Health Organization. It is done with all consider the outbreak an emergency.

President Biden this week called on officials from the and Federal Emergency Management Agency and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to lead the nation's monkeypox response. Did from the White House.

On Wednesday, the CDC announced a tally of at least 6,617 infections nationwide. All but two of her states, Montana and Wyoming, have reported at least one infection. 

It is still believed that most infections are spread through close contact between men who have sex with men. No deaths have been reported, but patients often endure excruciatingly painful rashes and lesions that can last for weeks.

Physicians should consider a small number of infectious diseases in other groups at increased risk of serious illness, such aspregnant women and Also supports Infant

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