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Armani White, TikTok 'Billy Eilish' sensation: 'Irish style is the theme of this song'

Philadelphia rapper Armani White is certainly happier than ever. The

25-year-old moderator recorded over 80 billion views on theTikTok"Billie Eilish" video. This has become a "summer bop perfect for rocking big T-shirts".

"Big T-shirt with Glock hidden, Billie Eilish" He raps a bounce beat and heads"Bad Guy"Singer.

"Honestly, I think Billie Eilish's style is the content of the song, but it's also the character that Billie Eilish's music draws," White told Post. "I feel like what I want to express in my music."

As you might expect from the title of his breakout single, White-like many of his generation- I'm an Irish fan.

Armani White
After the TikTok phenomenon of "Billie Eilish", Armani White's new single "Diamond Dallas" will drop on Friday.
Billie Eilish
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'Party's Over'is one of my favorite records from her, "he said. "Also, I like the new project [" Happier Than Ever "].

20-year-oldGrammy Award-winningIrish congratulated the song bearing White's name.

But an avid Philadelphia Eagles fan, White is a Tampa Bay BuccaneerTom Brady —yes, the best quarterback ever — has his “Billie Eilish” video. Instagram got the ultimate co-signature when posting to him. "My cousin was following Tom Brady and he sent me a post," he said. "I was like" Nahhhh ".

Armani White
Armani White created a TikTok sensation in his music, but he prefers to follow the app's cooking instructions.

And thanks to a track that blurs the line between hip-hop and Irish alternative pop, White is now able to say his name. He has signed a deal with the iconic hip-hop label Def Jam Records. This is the institution that has provided it to everyone from Run-DMC and LL Cool J to Jay-Z, Nas and Kanye West. He is now part of a legendary heritage.

"It's a blessing to interact with people who just believe in me and who understand the culture," White said. "They understand who I am and who I want to be ... and I think it's very important, and especially doing it on really famous labels like Def Jam ... So, Def Jam has clearly built up some of the biggest names in hip-hop from the beginning. "

White" Billie Eilish ", a new generation It's a legacy that we're proud to continue with his next debut EP, which continues to rock hip-hop for.

Diamond Dallas Page
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He continues to complement it with "Diamond Dallas" — A new single inspired by his Diamond Dallas Page, featuring his own mother fluttering in the video.

"He's a WWE wrestler," White said. "I don't know if anyone else wrote the song."

When it comes to his own TikTok taste, White is more enthusiastic about following the culinary instructions.

"I follow a lot of chefs and the like," he said. "Especially like a chef like" I'll show you how to make the best macaroni and cheese! ""