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These are vulgar license plate requests that the DMV has denied.

Stay CL4SSY, New York!

The State Department of Motor Vehicles has denied 3,752 requests for vanity license plates in the last three years.

New York Personalized Plates $60 initially, then renews at $31.25 per year. You can get any plate as long as no one else has it and it's not offensive. This is a request for a plate that shows your loyalty to your team.

Vulgarity does not make a first baseman.

Therefore, the plate with the phrase LFGM, an acronym for Pete Alonso's "Let's F. King Go Met" rally cry, was not cut.

And you won't see anyone driving around with a custom MILFDAD, AS5M4N, or WLHUNG plate.

Crude meanings such as “MILFDAD” are unacceptable by the DMV.
New York DMV
New York DMV
“AS5M4N” was rejected for referring to “Ass man.”
New York DMV

NICEBUNS DMV reflected in the rearview mirror , FATFANNY, GOTAPOOP, BENDOVER.

One player unsuccessfully tried to get the plate his YESDADDY, to no avail.

The DMV also shot down Darkhis requests such as DEADGIRL, GENOC1DE, S8TAN, DETONATE, and MURDERM3.

“SUM8ITCH” is not allowed.
New York DMV
The DMV thoroughly nixed a request for “CNNLIES.”
New York DMV
BOOBIE is prohibited.
New York DMV

Too dead end — FJOEBIDN, FDTRUMP , and CNNLIES have been removed.

LUDEDUDE, NARCO, GOT METH, and BLUNT were also shrouded in smoke.

Staten Island attorney Bill Dertinger says his blue 1995 Jaguar SJS is tagged ESQLTD after his company, and his 2014 Porsche has a sleek ``Plates can set you apart. It can be a curse or a blessing,'' said the 54-year-old. Dartinger said.

A man attempted to sneak in “YESDADDY” onto his license plate.
New York DMV
The DMV stopped a request for “FJOEBIDEN.”
New York DMV
The DMV also rejects any license plates referring to politics.
New York DMV}

New York Jets fans play refereeing at the DMV. Former Jets head coach Adam Gase had an offensive 9-23 record during his forgettable two-year tenure.

The DMV does not disclose who ultimately agrees or disagrees.

"The DMV reviews all custom license plate requests and works diligently to ensure that combinations that may be considered undesirable are rejected," an agency spokesperson said. Man Tim O'Brien said.

“GLOCKS” referring to guns is not accepted by the DMV.
New York DMV
“FLYMOFO” is not approved by the DMV.
New York DMV

He said guidelines on which plate combinations are restricted can be found on the DMV's website: } About 50,000 personalized custom plates are sold annually, according to O'Brien. His DMV in

bagged tags

states denied his 3,752 requests for custom license plates in the past three years.








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