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'Sandman' gets rave reviews from fans: 'Everyone got the job done'

Sandman finally appeared on Netflix, and this program, which was judged only by the reaction of the fans, was a top impression It is a nice clock. -Tearcast. Many people gathered on Twitter to admire the new series and call it "Wow" and "Really Great". That is, people literally quit their jobs early and are looking at it, so it has to say something.

One userwrites, "Wow. Sandmanis very well done. There are three episodes. It's beautiful to watch. Great cast. While anothersaid, "I came home early from work today so my boss can see #TheSandman."

Other Someonechimed, saying, "@ neilhimself's casting at #TheSandman is absolutely perfect. Everyone understands the assignments and brought the A game!"

"I'm completely absorbed in seeing the first two episodes of # The Sandman. If you haven't seen this, you should be," said the fourth. I said.

"#TheSandman has a shocking level of homosexuality," someonetweeted. "This pleases the court. The advancement of homosexuals is progressing."

Others found the show emotionally inspiring.

"In just five minutes from the first episode of #TheSandman, we're already in tears," the viewerwrote.

Anothersaid to, "CGI creatures like Raven and Gargoyle have completely pulled my heart out of the actors and creative team behind #TheSandman. It's a testimony. "

" My heart is ready to explode with how satisfied I am with #TheSandman, "someone elseposted. "If Netflix dares to cancel this show, I'll riot. I need to meet Delirium&Wanda."

A cartoon of Neil Gaiman of the same name published 30 years ago. The live-arranged 10-episode series features Tom Sturridge's main character, Dream, and Gwendoline Christie's Jenna Coleman. , Patton Oswalt, Kirby Howell-Baptiste, and Boyd Holbrook.

Sandmanis currently streaming on Netflix.