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Texas Governor Greg Abbott vows more immigrant buses coming to New York City

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott's office pledged Friday to send more border crossers to the Big Apple — Lone Star State now underway

The Republican governor announced Friday morning that the Port Authority Bus Terminal in midtown Manhattan would drop off after the first bus from the border arrived in the city. I mentioned that it would be the location.

"More than 50 migrants were bused from the southern Texas border into New York City this morning," Abbott's office said in a statement.

"This is the drop off point for our ongoing bus strategy." of buses to Washington DC.

His state has chartered buses to both New York and the nation's capital as it struggles to cope with unprecedented numbers of immigrants illegally crossing the U.S.-Mexico border. vowed to continue.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott talks with Fox News’ Jesse Waters on border issues.
Fox News
Migrants plead for hospitality after arriving at the Port Authority Bus Terminal.
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“As President Biden continued to refuse to acknowledge the crisis caused by the open border policy, the state of Texas took precedent to keep our communities safe.


"In addition to Washington, New York City, D.C. is an ideal destination for these immigrants, with a wealth of city services and housing that Mayor Eric Adams boasts within the Sanctuary City.

"May his promise to welcome all immigrants with open arms be fulfilled so that our runaway and overwhelmed border towns may be at peace."

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott vowed to send more migrant buses to the Big Apple.
Fox News

Adams is already inNew York City. A homeless shelter in {61 declined Abbott's invitation to visit the border this week to see "the dire situation" first-hand.

Abbott said on Fox News' Jesse Watters Thursday night that Adams and he wanted D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser to reconsider his offer.

"They need to recognize the magnitude of the turmoil created by Biden's open-border policy," Abbott said.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott hopes Mayor Eric Adams will accommodate the migrants.
Fox News
Governor GREG ABBOTT speaks at the CPAC Texas 2022 conference.
Chris Rusanovsky/ZUMA Press Wire

"They have thousands coming into their community in the last few months and armed? Listen. Please, more than 5,000 people come [over the border] in that sector every day in any sector in Texas.”

"It's full in Texas," Abbott added. "Our community was overwhelmed and when local officials couldn't keep up with the number of people coming across the border, I started busing people to Washington, D.C."