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Teenage burn victim becomes unexpected beauty influencer on TikTok

British teen with severe burns on more than half of body becomes unexpected beauty influencer on TikTok, gaining her huge new following stimulated the

18-year-old Arima Her antcaught flammable head lice after she caught fire while walking in her family's kitchen with her shampoo in her hair. Six years later, she has over 780,000 followers on her social media apps.

Ali, who was 12 years old at the time, was in a coma for five weeks after the fire. Her doctors feared this young man would die because of the severity of her burns, but she miraculously managed to survive.

"The only thing I was thinking was, 'I'm going to die,'" Ali recalled in her new interview with Caters. "How can we survive after such a catastrophe?"

Ali suffered burns to her face and lost her confidence. Then the teen discovered her tutorials on social media beauty and used her beauty tips and tricks to help her feel better.

She then decided to start her own TikTok, her beauty account as a creative outlet, unexpectedly attracting hundreds of thousands of fawn fans of her make-up. Became a source of wisdom.

Aleema Ali, 18, was left with burns to more than half her body after a horrific accident in 2016. The youngster is seen at left prior to the incident, and at right during her nine month stint in hospital.
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Aleema Ali
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With her self-confidence at an atll-time low, the teen turned to beauty tutorials and soon became a cosmetics connoisseur. She is now sharing her wisdom on TikTok.
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recalled she returned home from boarding school in 2016 to discover that she had head lice.

She applied Full Marks Solution shampoo and lotion to her head. Left but didn't realize it was highly flammable. As her mother walked through the kitchen cooking dinner, Ali's hair touched her rice cooker, transforming her tween into a "human fireball."

After nine months in the hospital, her appearance changed so dramatically that the high school student became interested in makeup as a way to make herself feel more beautiful. Over the years, she has become a makeup enthusiast and now shares her wisdom on her TikTok.

Hundreds of thousands of fawning fans now follow Ali on TikTok, where she shares her beauty secrets.
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Despite the accident altering her appearance, the youngster says she is now more confident than ever.
Caters News Agency

The brunette's videos often have fans raving about her product reviews and enhancement tips. It often goes viral.

In her recent clip, which has nearly 50,000 views, Ali shows off the products she uses for her lustrous black hair. The

follower then got the item Ali swears to her.

Ali's glossy locks grew back, despite doctors declaring that she's lose all of her hair.
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Nonetheless, the young man, who will have surgery to remove his tracheostomy, says he feels better inside and out than ever before.

"It changed my life for the better," she told theDaily Mail, while discussing her beauty venture. much stronger, more courageous, and more confident than