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Stream or Skip: Amazon Prime's 'Thirteen Lives', Solid Docudrama About Ron Howard's Amazing Tam Luang Cave Rescue

Amazon PrimeExclusive movieThirteen Livesis a real story about the victory of the human spirit and ingenuity It further proves that there is no Hollywoodization. In 2018, twelve boys and their soccer coaches set foot in a cave in Chiang Rai Province, Thailand, when flash floods struck and were trapped deep underground in a sudden torrential rain. A large international rescue mission led by local officials and a few British cave diving experts went to work and, surprisingly, saved all the boys and their coaches after 18 days of pressure. I did. Director Ron Howard oversaw the adaptation of this budget boat (true story). This may be his best work in decades.

Thirteen Lives: Stream IT or Skip IT.

Key points:I should have scraped SpongeBob's cake to celebrate Pilafat's birthday. Instead, they found themselves trapped a mile and a half underground. It was a perfect storm of terrible coincidence timing. After practicing soccer and before the party, the boar soccer team and their coaches happily parked at the entrance to Tham Luang Cave on a bicycle. When they nod in honor of the Sleeping Beauty Shrine, so named because the mountain mass resembles an indigenous woman, down the slope, over the rocks, and through the stalactite forest. Chat and laugh. Then the rain came with the power of the Bible. A few hours have passed. My parents are worried. By midnight, the governor arrives at a lively scene. The Navy seal pulls in. An English man appears with a detailed cave map. I am nervous.

Here you will find many details such as time, date, location, on-screen subtitles and more. Specificlocations such as CHAMBER 3 and T-JUNCTION, followed by disoriented statistics such as 1,500 meters. Seals enter, but rapids from continuous rain push them back, becoming tattered and bloody. Governor Naronsak Osatanakan (Sahajack Bountanakit) sighed and wrinkled his forehead. The harsh face of Captain Arnon (Theerapat Sajakul) is sharpened-they are his best guys. The rain continues mercilessly. Workers are wrestling with a generator that fuels a pump to flush some of the water out of the cave. On the mountain, a local man, Thanet Natisri (Nophand Boonyai), organizes a crew to block the sinkhole and stop the flood. Around the cave grounds, small towns of tents, trucks, workers, cooks, officials, locals and the media were born.

The fifth day will arrive. In Coventry, England, Richard Stanton (Viggo Mortensen) called from fellow cave diver John Bolansen (Colin Farrell). They need incredibly professional skills. "I don't even like kids," Richard complains, but that doesn't mean he won't jump on the plane and try to help. They go into a fuss. "They are amateurs," declares Captain Arnon. Sure, one is a retired firefighter and the other is an IT person, but their hobby gives them the know-how that SEAL lacks. They wear equipment and look out of the cave, but it's raining. I will not. Stop. Day 10. Richard and John navigate the darkness, the darkness, the rocks, the stalactites, the narrow gaps and the tricky turns, and jump their heads above the water. “Smell it,” says John. And there, 13 souls are sitting on a sloping rock. They are thin, tired, scared and hungry, but breathing. Their coach taught them to meditate. There is hope, but there is no way yet. The story still takes eight days and the movie takes nearly two hours.

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Which movie reminds me:Thirteen Livesis closely related toThe Rescue. This is a highly suspenseful documentary record of trials. In consideration, I may add. (It's not worth having another movie about these same events, calledThe Cave, released in 2019.)

A performance worth seeing:This is an entirely powerful and steady cast that reflects Howard's valuable attempt not to turn this into a story of the White Savior. Therefore, Governor Osatanakan is the most subtly complex character here. They are the last day of his work, and he theorizes that his boss has pushed him to the forefront of surgery that seems destined to fail. A little internet reading about the man suggests that he was demoted because he refused to work with a corrupt official, and although it is not explicitly stated in the movie, Panthlingualm here. Has a fairly dramatic weight, his non-verbal shows a subtly bubbling stew of worries and worries as Osatana Korn makes, difficult decisions and sad parents, a flock of thirsty media, and Deal with intense political pressure.

Memorable Dialogue:Moody and moody Richard continues to focus: "They are packages. We are just deliverers."

Gender and skin:None.

Our view:We know how this ends up, but we're still drawn to and invested in vibrant and efficient filmmaking. Howard, a heavy Schmaltz cereal dealer, maintains a uniform keel tone, dials back to bulging string scores, and refrains from any vulgar emotional manipulation. This is exactly the way to approach this story. It will be blank on the Wikipedia page. His documentary methodology is solid, necessary, and dare to say, almost perfect.

This is Howard's best movie sinceApollo 13, a completely different approach to similar material, a true story of courage and intelligence in the face of adversity. .. Thirteen Livesuses subtitles and graphics to convey explanations in a variety of complex and interlocking ways, including cave mouths, interior rooms, hillsides where workers block water, and farms that divert water. We have clearly established a set piece to do. Destroy crops, etc. – Easily go back and check status, divers and officials mark progress over various predicaments, and eventually dive underwater to guarantee and distract boys in suits You can then administer ketamine to them and let them go through the hellish zone of horrific phobia of closure.

In other words, the story has already acquired miserable and suspenseful mountains and valleys, emotional catharsis, which Howard does not need to amplify. So he doesn't. For the hero of this story, it's all a day's work, and the same is true for the IoT director. Howard uses it exactly to talk about his pure and relentless abilities.

Our call:Stream IT. Nowadays, old-fashioned BOATS movies can never be much better than this.

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