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Stream or skip: Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Movie on Netflix, hyperactive feature-length sequel to canceled Nickelodeon series

TMNT is nowROTTMNT:TMinstead of a nasty acronym. Rotten Mint Time: The Movie, which might be fun, but rather Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Movie, now on Netflix is. Inventory: Rise is his fourth TMNT TV animated series that aired from 2018 to 2020, updating anthropomorphic reptiles for "Today's Kids" Did. The loud, fast stuff that previous generations enjoyed. It is the first TMNT film since the 2016 live-action claddingfest TMNT: Out of the Shadowsand the first animated film since the 2007 film We Forgot Existed. TMNTRise: The Movie is a continuation of the series' story, tone, angles and anime-inspired 2D visual style, clearly too small to sustain the show. Aspired by too much. - Audiences from the Ax, who saw it in not-large-enough flocks. Now let's see if it can justify its own existence.

Summary: Dateline: Future. It's 2044. Since hell is on earth, it means the Republicans have won the rimshot. Or, worse, aliens from another dimension showed up and turned the planet into a bubblegum-pink wasteland. I think only microscopic parasites and Ted Cruz clones can live. The aliens are called clans, and our brave Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are probably no longer teenagers, assuming the passage of time affects them. not moving Leonardo (Ben Schwartz) is the "greatest ninja in the world" and is much less talked about given the state of the world's population. Michelangelo (Brandon Michael Smith), once a goofy dorkwad, is now a magnificent mystical wizard with a skull. The only hope to save the world, apparently, is to open a time portal and send sidekick Casey Jones (Haley Joel Osment), a fighter guy with a stick adorned with a hockey mask and a chainsaw, to send 20 It is to find the past of years ago. Acquire a doohickey and prevent clans from acquiring that doohickey. Thus preventing the entire clan from occurring.

That's the point. In 2022, it's been two years since Nickelodeon canceled Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The Turtle Boys now have mystical powers. Don't ask me what they are because he needs to figure out one of the film's many hyperventilating action sequences. So they're different, I'd like to say, but they're not so different as to be imperceptibly different from the pizza-scarf-scarfing goofy warriors we've known and loved since 1986. It is called integrity – the integrity of the brand. With such integrity, the entire mystical power removed, we also don't see them doing anything too different, meaning their actions are as violent as ever. always with violence. Ninja Turtle-related disputes cannot be resolved through diplomacy. No compromises. I disagree to disagree. Just kick, punch, slash, punch, blow up, stab, bump, explode and yell. Loud and violent screaming. You'd ride the kids to ride that damn volume knob, but it would be silly to expect anything else.

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What movies remind you of: TerminatorSo go ahead Turtle luminatorplease call me It also boasts shades of Marvel's and Ghostbusters.But ifROTTMNT:TM were to shamelessly steal something, it would be Teen Titans His go fast snark wit his tone.

Notable performance: Master Splinter (Eric Bauza), the father of the turtle rat, has a pity so you can see his story. I want you to keep quiet children. We are all there for him, aren't we? (And he gets the best one-liner.)

Memorable dialogue: Splinter criticizes big bad bad guys who act badly for their own sake To do. thin. Where is character development?

Gender and Skin: None.

OUR VIEW: THIS IS HIS WHATEVS IN THE 82ND MINUTE. Vividly colorful, occasionally more or less funny, moderately funny WHATEVS, but he's still WHATEVS. A villain that looks like Plankton, SpongeBob's nemesis in a Trump wig, mutants that mutate on top of already established mutations, and tentacle-brained creatures that look like Kang and Kodos in acid. endlessly, dump hydrochloric acid over it until they're all pink and melt like literal acid. The overall aesthetic of the film sounded like the usual exaggeration of a farting mouse under a pillow-top mattress, and at times I wished I had been given general anesthesia. } I can't say I'm not uninspired, but I can say that I feel like I never stop. It's an endless barrage. Gag and action, gag and action, gag and action, laser and color and explosion and movement. (I forgot to put a verb in that sentence.) (Do you need a verb?) (Maybe you don't need a verb.) At some point the turtle says, Turn off all half-baked mean spells. And it's the film's most egregious self-awareness joke. Heck, it's the hardcorephilosophybuilt into this film, and ironically, it's the madness that makes such a mad philosophy come to life. You may have to understand that it's not easy and it's a remarkable technical achievement. It won't win an Emmy or an Oscar. However, I still can't quite make all the heads and tails.Did I mention his two other turtles, Donatello (Josh Brener) and Raphael (Omar Benson Miller)? is that a problem? Cracker god hell and Jesus cheese No, it isn't. But it has to fit somewhere.

Our Call: What is it, not Ooze Secret? If you don't do that first, go ahead and stream it and knock yourself out.

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 Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Movie on Netflix