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Senate Democrats head to crucial vote leaving climate agenda alone

Senate Democrats Leave Climate Change Agenda Alive and Key Vote Head to


Ron Wyden

Ron of the Senate Finance Committee Chairman Wyden announced on Saturday that the committee's energy clause cleared the Senate budget rule. | | Getty Images North America

Democratic health, tax and climate bill heads for key procedural vote on Saturday while energy provisions such as electric vehicle tax credit remain in place, but drug pricing reform to a package that has yet to be answered as to whether it can be maintained.

Senators — arbitrators of the Senate's bipartisan rules — have Democrats signed spending without the threat of Republican filibusters on whether prescription drug provisions meet strict budget rules. It has not said whether it will allow the package to pass. The Senate is scheduled to convene at noon on Saturday for a pivotal vote to advance the bill, which is scheduled for later in the afternoon.

An adverse ruling on the Democrats' drug pricing plan could spark a scramble and prompt a major revision while the package rushes to the Senate floor. I received some good news early in the morning. Senate Finance Committee Chairman Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) said his panel's energy clause includes an electric vehicle tax credit and a bonus tax credit to encourage clean energy developers to pay. announced that it is included. General wages cleared Senate budget rules.

Some budget expertsCertain conditions imposed on the electric vehicle tax credithave been used by Democrats to pass legislation, including restrictions on where vehicle battery materials can be sourced. You violated the budget rules that guide the process. It is a simple majority and avoids filibusters.

Under current proposals, a vehicle would be eligible for full credit only if the battery was made from materials from the United States or countries with trade agreements with the United States. to receive a tax credit.

However, it seems likely that these clauses will remain in the package. It's a decision that will please Senator Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.), who wanted restrictions to curb the electric car industry's reliance on China.

"The Finance Committee's clean energy tax package complies with Senate rules and legislators have approved important provisions to build a clean energy future in America," Wyden said. said in a statement. “We are particularly pleased that our general wage code has been approved. These codes will ensure wage rates for clean energy projects. Clean energy jobs will be well paid jobs.

Saturday's procedural hurdles, once cleared by the Democrats, will result in up to 20 hours of debate for both Democrats and Republicans alike. However, neither party is expected to work full-time.

Rather, senators are likely eager to initiate a marathon correction process, known as the Vote Alama, in which the Democratic Party hopes to correct the party. conduct a series of politically tricky ballots for the over a year-long line package. The Senate has to endure a correction marathon before the Democrats finally approve it.

Democrats will vote on whether Medicare can include provisions that would allow the price of certain expensive drugs to be negotiated, and on whether prices for individuals with private health insurance would be lower than inflation. We are waiting to see if we can penalize the drug companies that pulled up too fast. It argues that it can be viewed as a side effect of the budget rather than its primary purpose, violating Senate budget rules.