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Russian state TV: North Korea provides Kremlin with 100,000 'volunteers'

North Korea has offered to send 100,000 troops to bolsterRussia's attempts to invade Ukraine, saying the Russian state-run Television insisted.

The pariah state's offer of military aid was not immediately confirmed, but was seized by Russian defense expert Igor Korotchenko.

"There are reports that 100,000 North Korean volunteers have come and are ready to join the conflict," Korotchenko said on Russian Channel 1.

Korochenko was particularly concerned with what he called North Korea's "extensive experience in counter-artillery warfare" - Ukraine's long-range since gaining the United States. A powerful statement given reports of successful artillery attacks. Created HIMARS rocket system in June.

"If North Korea expresses a desire to fulfill its international obligations to combat fascism in Ukraine, we should accept it," Korotchenko said.

What constitutes a "volunteer" force in an authoritarian state such as North Korea seems not to have been considered.

According to Russian state TV, North Korea has offered 100,000 "volunteers" for the invasion of Ukraine.
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North Korea's offer of military support could not be immediately verified.

Several satellite states of Russiaprovide so-calledThis indicates that some Western intelligence analysts suggest that Vladimir Putin lacks the political capital to order large-scale mobilization within Russia. there is

Just last month, British spymaster Richard Moore said he believed the Russian war effort was "running out of steam."

"In our assessment, the Russians will find it increasingly difficult to supply manpower [and] supplies in the coming weeks," said his MI6 chief. said in a question and answer session. Colorado Security Forum. 

Russian defense pundit Igor Korotchenko argued that North Korea should be allowed to "fight against Ukrainian fascism."
Russian defense expert Igor Korochenko argued that North Korea should be allowed to "fight Ukrainian fascism" .
The "volunteer forces" from Russian satellite states is a sign that Russian President Vladimir Putin may be losing support for the invasion.
Vyacheslav Prokofyev/TASS via ZUMA Press

Not children from St. Petersburg or Moscow, ”he said of the troops sent to the front against Ukraine.

"These are poor children from the Russian countryside. They are from blue-collar towns in Siberia. They are disproportionately from ethnic minorities. These are [Putin's] cannon fodder."