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Phil Hughes Asks Michael Kay About Joey Gallo's Twitter 'Bash'

Michael Kay didn't chop up words after Joey Gallo's disrespectful departure from the Bronx.

Shortly after his MLB trade deadline passed on Tuesday, Kay accused Gallo of seemingly playing a victim in his last week as a Yankee. The 28-year-old slugger shed light on the impact his struggles and subsequent fan booing had on his psyche in his interview with, which surfaced hours before the club traded him to him. guessed . Dodgers.

Kay apparently doesn't want to attend Garo's sympathy party.

"They didn't forcefully boo a guy who was doing a decent job," a Yankees announcer said of Gallo. Whether he derailed his swing because he wasn't mentally right while he was here.

I don't think I was particularly keen on Giancarlo Stanton looking at what the fans did when he first came here it was unfair I mean the first time he played here In the game, they booed him.This guy got the boo.

"He referenced the article, but he never quoted Joey. I know listeners of . } wrote on Twitter.

This tweet quickly caught Kay's attention, and Kay responded to her criticism. 

Phil, this wasn't for my radio show. It aired on the YES network. I also think that with the Internet, it's easy to find what he said, and the time to disseminate such information is limited. Most Yankee fans know what Joey said and are essentially lamenting fan boos.

— Michael Kay (@RealMichaelKay) Aug 4, 2022

"Phil, This isn't my radio show. It was the YES Network," said Kay, who is also the host of her popular ESPN radio show. "Also, on the Internet, it's very easy to find what he said, and I think there's limited time to disseminate such information.Most Yankee fans know what Joey said and

Hughes was clearly not satisfied with Kay's counter-argument, and settled the petty altercation on Twitter with a single closing argument.


"Boos suck," Hughes wrote. "You can say no. It sucks to go home every night not knowing if it will be the last time you put on a Major League uniform. Having human feelings is not a sign of weakness or self-pity. That's it. Goo baseball!"

Hughes pitched for the Yankees from 2007-2013.

Q&A for At the time, Gallo said he wouldn't go out on the town because he didn't want to be exposed to angry fans. Slugger said his struggles and the reactions he dealt withmade him feel like "part of the s–t."

2007-13 Hughes' time in the Bronx until then was filled with ups and downs, but reached an ugly crescendo in his final year at the club, during which he posted a 5.19 ERA and a 4-14 record. His right-handed stats got even worse when he played in front of New York's home crowd at the stadium, where he went 1-10 with a 6.32 ERA.