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Pharmaceutical Group leaders say Democrats voting on the settlement bill "do not get a free pass"

Pharmaceutical group leader says Democrats who voted for settlement bill Pass'

PhRMA CEO Steve Ubl said the group is still fighting hard against drug pricing clauses, but there is an urgent need for a settlement if it becomes law. It says it is creating contingency plans and commitments.

President and Chief Executive Officer of the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America, Stephen Ubl }

``Members who voted for this measure do not get free passes. We will do everything we can to hold them accountable," said Steve Uble, director of drug research and manufacturers in America. | Matt Rourke/AP

As Democratic lawmakers near passing a comprehensivesettlement packageincluding drug pricing, they are offering Congress a final salvo - and quick retaliation if they don't listen

Ubl's group, the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) and its 31 board members sent a letter to all members of Congress on Thursday afternoon. , prompted the package to be voted down.

Instead of PhRMA, they are accustomed to losing legislative battles, launching multi-million dollar advocacy campaigns against drug pricing measures, and developing contingency plans should they fail. I'm here. In addition to hinting at campaign advertising against Democrats in this fall's tough election campaign, the industry is evaluating legal options and pondering future regulatory or legislative amendments.


This battle is not over for weeks," Uble said. said in an interview. "Few bodies have all the tools of modern political advocacy at their disposal like PhRMA." Mostly repeating the claims, executives from companies such as Pfizer and Merck say passing the bill would result in fewer treatments and cures, especially for difficult diseases such as cancer and Alzheimer's. can be difficult and costly.

Ubl said one of his PhRMA member companies had 15 of his drugs in the pipeline and would be eliminated if the bill passed.

"This is a very important vote. Members who vote for this bill will not get free passes. We will do everything we can to hold them accountable," he said. I was.

It is unclear when Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer will bring the $740 billion settlement package to the floor, Senators will resolve issues and pass as soon as possible I expect to have to stay over the weekend because I will be traveling for work.

The risks are high for the pharmaceutical industry. If Medicare can negotiate the cost of expensive drugs, the federal government is expected to save him more than $100 billion. A letter sent to Congress on Thursday said the move "puts the American system on a track toward broader government control, leaving our country behind."

PhRMA has spent millions of dollars over the past two years on Democratic drug-price reform measures, and millions more on television and digital advertising to sway public opinion. In his first six months of 2022, the group's overall lobbying has cost him more than $14.4 million, according to disclosure documents.

Ubl declined to say further about what kinds of legal arguments would be considered. “Afraid of losing future options by reaching out to us” or about what changes might be brought about by future regulation or legislation.

"In my experience, when bills like this are pursued on a bipartisan basis, with thin margins and due process failures, they seldom pass," he said. After the cost burden adjustment law was passed. "We hope that in the future there will be opportunities to further mitigate the harm of this law."