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McDonald's employee shot while eating French fries brain dead, suspect no bail

McDonald's employee shot in the neck while eating cold French fries brain dead and on life supportProsecutors on Thursday ordered the suspect, who was described as a Brooklyn judge, to be held without bail. 

Michael Morgan, 20, is expected to be charged withmurder in his Stuyvesant shooting in Bedford on Monday.

"Your Excellency, given that the victim is currently on life support, the people in this case are We expect to be charged with murder. The victim was taken to Brookdale Hospital and brain dead," Brooklyn assistant district attorney Luis Paternina said during Morgan's attempted murder arraignment. told Justice Inga O'Neill. 

"The family must now make a difficult decision [to remove life support]." 

Morgan's hands are handcuffed behind his back. , looked down and said nothing during the short proceedings. 

Webb, 23, was working at a Fulton Street eatery Monday night when Morgan's mother, Lisa Fulmore, complained to an employee that his fries were cold. and asked to speak to the manager. 

Fulmore was FaceTiming her with Morgan when

employees started laughing at her. Morgan comes to a restaurant and he spills on the sidewalk and gets into a fight with Webb. 

Matthew Webb, the Brooklyn McDonald's employee who was shot while working, is currently brain dead and on life support.
Matthew Webb, a Brooklyn McDonald employee who was shot while on duty, is now brain dead and on life support. increase.
Webb was allegedly shot by Michael Morgan over a dispute involving his mother being served cold french fries.
Webb was shot by Michael his Morgan in an argument over his mother serving him cold fries. It has been.

Morgan punched Webb in the face, got up, pulled out a gun,blew up his neck,the prosecutor claimed.

The suspect's girlfriend, Camellia Dunlap, was also charged in connection with the incident,[44] for allegedly handing Morgan a gun before the shooting,[45] prosecutors said. rice field. 

Morgan was taken into custody at his home Monday night and, after hours of questioning, was charged with a shooting a few blocks from McDonald's and an unrelated 2020 murder. Kevin Holloman, 28, dead, prosecutor claims. 

Holloman said he was with his cousin outside a building on Herkimer Street in October when Morgan shot him dead. 

Morgan was arrested for the shooting and is being held without bail.
Paul Martinka
NYPD at the scene of the shooting at the Brooklyn McDonald's on August 2, 2022.
Paul Martinka

A few days ago, Morgan and Holloman's cousins ​​got into an argument and when a relative pulled out a knife to cut marijuana, the suspect ran away from home. The shooting started in the apartment, prosecutors say. 

The cousin was not beaten, but Holloman said he was beaten three times and later died in a religious hospital, prosecutors said.

"He was a very sweet kid. He was nothing like these little thugs we have running around here. He was very polite. He was always a girl. It was just chasing girls and joking around," Holloman's longtime neighbor Domingo Rivera told The Post on Thursday. 

77} "[He] was a good boy. He never got into trouble. He was always dancing and joking." 

Morgan was charged with a 2020 murder that took place near the Brooklyn McDonald's restaurant.
Gregory P. Mango

Rivera, 57, nicknamed Holloman "Kibo" when he was murdered. His mother soon fell ill and died.

"I'm glad I caught him," Rivera said of Morgan. 

Holloman's sister also celebrated the news in her Facebook post on Wednesday.

"My mother was the first person I wanted to call with this news. It's still heartbreaking for her, but I'm glad that I and my family have found some peace." I think,” she wrote. A series of green and white heart emoticons.

Morgan was held without bail in both cases and returned to court on 8 August. He could not immediately reach out to relatives of Morgan and Webb for comment.