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Little Joe Biden is doing well with Democrats

Democrats are fine with fewer Bidens

For American voters, the more they know about Joe Biden, the more they will like him

The Democratic candidate spent most of the 2020 presidential electionin a Delaware basementand still won. A similar phenomenon seems to be ongoing.

With inflation soaring and his regime proving to be a mobster who can't shoot straight, the president announced that on July 21 he would Infected with and quarantined. After he tested negative the following week, he made a brief public appearance before relapsed and has been in White House isolation ever since.

enjoys one of his most successful periods of Go to Figure.
Friday's Monster Jobs Report — The economy added 528,000 positions in July — saw two moderate Democratic senators, West Virginia's Joe Manchin (far right) and Arizona's Kirsten. Following Cinema (far right), they suddenly agreed to support the revised Inflation Control Act.

Never mind that it does not curb inflation or is simply a repackaged and slimmed-down version of the Bernie Sanders-inspired Build Back Better bill. Or that the White House did not get involved in the final negotiations.

Importantly, the Democrats have put together something in Congress that allows them to rally a small margin and claim they are responding to voter concerns. In one of his few camera appearances, Biden announced that theUS striketook his 9/11 conspirator Ayman al-Zawahiri in Afghanistan.

Winning streak

Kyrsten Sinema
J. Scott Applewhite/AP

and others There's also a bipartisan consensus backing a bill that would spend $280 billion to boost semiconductor manufacturing and research to give the US an edge over China.
Most important in the short term is that gasoline prices have fallen almost every day this summer. The normal national average price on Friday was $4.11, compared with $5.02 on June 14, according to,.

Real Clear Politics Real Clear Politics poll averages over the past two weeks still trail Biden by 17 points, Still showing improvement.

These developments are shaking expectations about what will happen in the fall midterm elections. and energized by the possibility of winning some important state races, red wave's long-held assumptions are becoming vague.

In short, a battle for power has reached a surprising and interesting inflection point. But the key question of what to do with Mr. Biden remains. And can Democrats hide him until Election Day.

He and his aides decide the answer to his popular woes is to get him out of Washington more. Remember, it wasn't that long ago. He vowed to run for office and remind voters why they chose him.

It was a great idea on paper, but it didn't work in practice. Inflation and crime soared, and Biden had no answers, only excuses. Remember how he tried to pitch the social media-enabled #PutinPriceHike?

Any political staff who believed the public would fall for the scam should have been sent in a package.

Joe Manchin
J. Scott Applewhite/AP

Worse, along with the suggestion that the President was out of touch with the timeslack of awarenessand his Enhanced by a frail, staggering appearance. He has not been a good messenger of his own message that the economy is strong. When they arrived on the turf, Democratic candidates running in a close race suddenly had a "schedule clash" . Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams and Ohio senatorial candidate Tim Ryan was among those who shunned the president like the plague. Has a good excuse to stay away from candidates for important elections... But sooner or later, he'll have to reappear, or at least appear to lead his party to the election.

Still, there is another wrinkle in the midterm elections that could be even more crucial. It's the Donald Trump factor, and it surfaces in two different ways.

First, Trump had great successby backing candidates in the Republican primary. The Senate candidates in his three main constituencies, who won the primary with Trump's backing, are now trailing Democratic opponents.

According to weighted voting results compiled by FiveThirtyEight

, Ryan leads Ohio by 4 points over J.D. Vance and Jon Fetterman over Mehmet Oz in Pennsylvania by 11 points. Leading and incumbent Raphael Warnock leads Herschel Walker. 3 points in Georgia.

Former President Trump speaks at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) on August 6.
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Election Day is three months away. None of these leads are surmountable, but Trump's role looks like a double-edged sword in these races and others.

"Trump indictment" effect

Second, Trump's clout could actually grow if the Justice Departmentbecomes more and more likely to move to indict him. } } about his role in the events around January 6th. The criminal charges against the former president are historic and will add another layer to the country's deep polarization as the election season ends.

The move could backfire for Democrats. Butthe pressure to indict Trump against Attorney General Merrick Garland is so great that Biden, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and the Senate Majority Leader are envisioning 's Chuck Schumer doesn't see criminal charges as a way to rejuvenate their base.

Of course, putting Trump back in the spotlight could put Biden on the back burner. As usual, the press wins bingo twice as much as he does, so you can expect to play along with this game. While keeping the Democrats in power is their aim, beating Trump is good for business.

Adams vs. Cowardly Council

Mayor Adams loses patience withradical City Council as midnight rocket launches from City HallI understand. it's about time. 

Several city councils after voting on a city budget including his $38 billion for education, reflecting his $215 million cut based on student decline Lawmakers were shocked and claimed to be in shock. By what they voted for. Adams defended his position, his parents and some council members filed a lawsuit, and on Friday, a judge shamelessly ordered a start over. 

The battle and ruling did not suit Adams. The board "refuses to endorse that vote, instead making repeated misleading and irresponsible statements," he said in a late-night statement. I knew it was the right decision.” 

This uproar shows how irresponsible pollsters are obsessed with unsustainable spending. increase. The mayor stands up to keep his sanity, but sadly, he stands alone.

And if you fail to eat, you can always get a job.