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Jordan Montgomery makes 'awkward' start for Cardinals against Yankees

Until Tuesday afternoon, Jordan Montgomery said he had never considered playing for another team. 

"I thought I would be a Yankee for the rest of my life," Montgomery said. 

Instead, he was on his first start as a Cardinal when he stood on the mound at Busch Stadium on Saturday afterwas exchanged for outfielder Harrison Bader just before Tuesday. Face the previous team. Deadline

"That's awkward," Montgomery said in St. Louis before the Yankees'4-3 series-the opening match against the Cardinal on Friday. "It's a weird timing, but it's a business and treats it like any other game .... I didn't want to face them when I first pitched a new organization, but I'm a competitor and I'm nervous. I'll shake it off. " 

General managers Brian Cashman and the Yankees determine the injured birder, and the depth and speed he offers in the outfield is the value Montgomery provided, especially in October. Exceeded. 

Jordan Montgomery
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"If [Cashman] thinks so, I I don't care, "said Montgomery. "I'm excited to be asked. I'm a Cardinal now. I'll do my best." 

Montgomery was upset after learning about trade He became emotional, but said his attitude had changed since he arrived in St. Louis. 

"It's a good baseball team," Montgomery said. "If I could be outside of New York, it would be here." 

Former Cardinal Matt Carpenter spoke with his old teammates about Montgomery. 

"I know the emotions he experienced," said Carpenter, who returned to the city where he spent his entire major league career until this season. 

"[Trade] happened very quickly," Carpenter said. "He played his entire career (in New York). It was a great place, a special place, he didn't really know what to think about, and I'm trying to fire him. "It's hard to achieve this right now, but you'll love it .... You're right there. You may not see it now, but it's great for you. He I think you heard that. " 

On his way out of Bronx, Montgomery said," I love baseball, work hard, be a good teammate, and will die on the mound. " I explained. 

Jordan Montgomery pitches while with the Yankees
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That's partly he This is the attitude I chose. Up from my fellow left-handed CC Sabathia who was a teammate early in Montgomery's career. And Montgomery clearly wanted to pitch in another era when starters tended to pitch deeper into the game. 

However, the lack of storage pushed up the number of pitches in Montgomery and helped determine that the Yankees were not included in the playoffs plan. all. 

Still, Montgomery started 21 times, with a career-best WHIP of 1.10, and this season's strikeouts fell nearly twice per 9 innings, but a career-best of 1.8 per 9 innings. It was comparable to a round of walks. 

But his last two outings as a Yankee were rough. 

Montgomery was knocked out when he allowed two home runs and five runs in just 2¹ / ₃ innings in three innings starting at Citi Field against the Mets on July 26th. rice field. 

He was also upset against the Royals on Sunday, giving up four runs in four innings. 

He pitched well in July, but the Yankees lost all six starts because Montgomery, who was common during his tenure, was a victim of uneven run support. Only Gerrit Cole got off to a better start and threw more innings for the Yankees this season. 

But the Yankees are already looking to the postseason, with Cole, Frankie Montas, Nester Courtes, perhaps Luis Severino or Jameson Taillon taking turns for the Yankees on Saturday. You can survive in the regular season with Domingo German, who will play against Montas Mary.