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Joe Biden met a Chinese energy executive associated with a hunter at the White House in 2014

Joe Biden was a White House with two Chinese energy executives associated with his son Hunter when he was Vice President in 2014. Records show that the meeting was hosted. President

claims thathas not yet spoken to hunterabout his son's foreign commerce, and on July 25 in the West Wing of Wanxiang, a major Chinese company. I met two executives. 2014, according to the White House visitor log.

PinNi, President of Wanxiang America and Youhong Han, President of Wanxiang Resources Co., stayed at the White House for over an hour. The first record was reported by the show,Daily Mail, after the last meeting was scheduled the day before.

Hunter's client to Seneca Global Advisors, Great Point Energy, previously partnered with Mankou in 2012 at a $ 1.25 billion natural gas plant in , China.

Hunter also had a relationship with a Chinese company through an investment in the Fisker car business acquired by Manmukai in February 2014. Biden's son had previously purchased one of Fisker's electric sports cars for more than $ 100,000.

The investigation into Hunter Biden has been criticized for being biased and lengthy.
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Chinese businessmen met 4 Biden, one of the executives, reportedly sent an email to the hunter in a hurry about his sports car.

"When I visited D.C. last Friday, I heard that your Fisker was out of order and couldn't be repaired. I'm sorry," Ni wrote in an email. "It's our honor to have your Fisker repaired ... I'd like to call you to see what we can do as the next step."

He added, "It is our great honor to welcome you to visit Fisker or Manmu at any time."

The meeting with Chinese executives is the latest in a long list of foreign associates of hunters who met Biden during his time as Vice President, the eldest son according to records and details. Notorious abandoned laptop.

One of Hunter's closest business partners, Eric Schwerin, was the White Houseand other officials between 2009 and 2015. Visited the place at least 19 times. In the West Wing, records show.

Biden also met with overseas hunter business partners. For example, in 2013 in China, he flew to Beijing on an Air Force Two with his son for an official Vice Presidential visit with the newly promoted President Xi Jinping.

Biden's continued denial of knowledge The hunter's deal is arguably part of the Justice Department's investigation into his eldest son, who reportedly reached a "crisis stage." ..

Biden, who was accused of softening Beijing as his son's scandal continued and refused to discuss commerce, is included in a Republican conspiracy investigation as his evidence continues to grow. There is a growing demand for it. He knew of the hunter's deal — including China.

In addition to meeting with fellow hunters, Biden was identified as a recipient of a 10% stake in a company established for a joint venture with the Chinese conglomerate CEFC. According to a former hunter companion, he was called "big guy" in his email.

Republicans said last month after it was revealed that Biden left avoicemail to his son in 2018 to discuss the New York Times article . I vowed to hold a parliamentary hearing. "I think you're clear," said the hunter, detailing the deal with China's oil king accused of economic crime.