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Jack Osbourne's baby umbilical cord used in artwork to 'keep it forever'

Almost a month after the arrival of Jack Osborne'sfourth daughter, his fiancée Allie Gearhart "saved" the baby's umbilical cord. explained the decision to

With the help of California-based company Mommy Made Encapsulation, the cord was molded into a "heart shape" and painted gold, so 36-year-old Osbourne and her 31-year-old Gearhart were "forever." You can 'keep it in'. The interior designer wrote on her Instagram Stories on Thursday.

"One of the best choices she made for postpartum health was to encapsulate the placenta," she said. explained.

"Placenta removal reduced pregnancy weight, improved postpartum depression, significantly increased breast milk production, and reduced postpartum bleeding."

} Aree Gearhart

Gearhart announced last month that she gave birth to her "soulmate." Her name is Maple.

"A new level of love has been unlocked," Gearhart told Instagram followers

"Osbournes" alum,wroteThe newborn and his partner were "energetic, happy and healthy."

Aree Gearhart and Maple

engaged couple in December. 43}

"Exciting news!" Osbourne wrote at the time via Instagram. "@seecreature and I are expecting babies in the summer! Baby #4 Here we come!"

Aree Gearhart and Jack Osbourne

The former reality star previously welcomed daughters Pearl, 10, and Andy, 7, Minnie, 4, and ex-wife Lisa Sterry. Before their divorce in 2018.

Grandmother Sharon Osbourne announced that her young children would name their half-sisters during an appearance on "TalkTV" in July. I have made my choice clear.

Former 'The Talk' co-host is expecting another grandchild as daughter Kelly Osbourne is pregnant.

Aree Gearhart and Jack Osbourne

"The last few months have been very quiet and I wanted to share with you why. I thought," the 37-year-old , a judge on "Project Runway Jr.", wrote in May alongside an ultrasound picture.

"I am overjoyed to announce that I am becoming a mom," Kelly continued. "It is no exaggeration to say that I am happy. I am ecstatic!