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Italian decathlete's penis kept popping out of shorts during race

YouTube / That's the goal

Ten of Italy Decathlon During the 400-meter race at the 2022 World Athletics U20 Championships in Cali, Colombia on Thursday, he faced the dilemma of competing or hiding his genitals.

Alberto Nonino started the race powerfully, left the puck and entered the first bend in a good position to ensure the victory of the race. Things didn't go well as soon as the 18-year-old child began to experience noticeable discomfort.

The camera filmed Nonino adjusting his shorts and looking down, but noticed that he was accidentally exposed to thousands of fans in attendance and at his home. I did. The Italian continued to race, but was severely hampered by having to use his hands to shield his private parts as a whole.

Alberto Nonino began the race strong, separating himself from the pack early on and entering the first bend in a good position to secure the race victory.
YouTube / That's the goal
Nonino continued to compete in the race, though was severely hampered by having to use his hands to shield his private part.
YouTube / That's the goal

This problem continued to plague when Nonino ran straight behind and passed through the last turn. He slowed down on the final straight to completely cover up and accepted the final spot in the contest. But not to be missed was Nonino's ability to overtake two rivals early in the race, during which time he had to readjust the bottom all the time. 

One spectator was mistakenly insensitive to explaining an event for adults.

"The final series of the 400-meter decathlon. Italy's Alberto Nonino in Lane 5 starts very well, but finally crosses the finish line. He literally puts out the ball. "I did," journalist David Sanchezde Castrowrote on Twitter.

Shortly after the race, Nonino made his thoughts known on the incident.
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Shortly after the race, Nonino announced his thoughts on the incident.

"I would like to talk a bit about the fuss that can be seen in blogs and social media in general," Nonino wrote in an Instagram story. "I think it was obviously an accident. I don't need to send a link to the blog because I'm aware of the reaction. I'm trying to laugh now, but soon I felt terrible and what happened a few hours later Thanks to my friends and family for helping me get over it. ”