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Friends reveal why Johnny Depp skipped Amber Heard's trial

Johnny Depp has had a roller coaster ride since winning $8.35 million in a defamation lawsuit against ex-wife Amber Heard on June 1. I came.

Meanwhile, according to court documents unsealed this week, his ex-girlfriend Ellen Barkin said in a deposition that he was "verbally abusive" and drank red wine during their relationship. Too,said he gave Qualude to the actress for the first time, they had sex,his suspected erectile dysfunction was exposed,, Marilyn Crude Texts with Manson

Separately, Depp and guitarist Jeff Beck were accused of a new song they recorded together, and pleaded guilty. For plagiarizing the poem of the murderer who received it.

But last week, the actor exploded with headlines touting a $3.6 million sale of his artwork — titled "Friends & Heroes," by Al Features pop art renderings of Pacino, Bob Dylan, Elizabeth Taylor and Keith Richards.

According to Castle Fine Art Gallery, London — 780 exhibits sold out "almost instantly" — Too much interest was a surprise. "I don't think anyone [before] talked about ourwebsite crashingor our works selling out in a matter of hours," a gallery spokesperson said. told The Post.

Since winning $8.35 million in his defamation law suit against ex-wife Amber Heard, Johnny Depp has kept busy at home and in Europe.

"Maybe they've put a facilitator on. Hero," a Depp insider told The Post. "But people have always accepted what Johnny does." 

Depp has alsobeen in the onstage spotlight at a concert with Beck,and his contract as a spokesmodel for Sauvage has been renewed: According to The Wall Street Journal,Sauvage was's best-selling eau de parfum for men when Depp's trial ended in June.”, and is back in front of the camera. 

In his first public outing since the trial, Depp (right) joined Jeff Beck on stage.

It is probably no coincidence that it is a European film. The actor was forced to step down from 'Fantastic Beasts' in 2020 and walked the planks of the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' franchise (he reportedly returned in June).

"Being in Europe has always been for Johnny," a friend of Depp's told the Post. He is more comfortable [in Europe] than he is in the United States.”

Consider all this high-profile activity as a calculated celebration of his release from the shackles of litigation. However, insiders described the timing as "a surprise... this is not a winning lap. Amber Heard's allegations were overwhelmingly proven false.Jury decision {64 With }, Johnny was finally back on his feet and able to sustain life."

Depp recently garnered $3.6 million in a sale of his artwork — titled "Friends & Heroes" — through Castle Fine Art Gallery in London.
Castle Fine Art73}

Heard's representatives did not respond to requests for comment.

"These plans were well thought out long before the trial," added a Depp insider. "A tour and a movie were already scheduled. As far as art goes, as far as I know him, he's been painting and giving paintings to people. He's never painted.

A gallery spokesperson confirmed to the Art Sale Post: The timing was decided before anyone knew the outcome.

Even a spokesman for the art gallery admitted to surprise over the show selling out in hours.
Castle Fine Art

Albums recorded with Beck "18, released on July 15, "has been working on two continents for quite some time," said an insider. "Johnny first came to Hollywood with a band, and rock and roll was his lifelong love." Depp chose either side because of his sense of commitment.

"He wasn't there for the verdict because he had already made plans to tour with Jeff Beck," an insider said. "Johnny was absent the first night of the tour so he could be in court for his closing argument. But he never let Jeff down. It was settled and he joined the tour as soon as possible."

A source said there is nothing to rumors that lawyer Camille Vasquez and Depp became close friends, adding," Johnny was fighting for his life and she was under his employ to get it done."

Jul 11 At the gig in Prague today, Depp's trial attorney Camille Vasquez went backstage before the show. She was on vacation with her boyfriend, junior her member of her legal team in tow. The lawyer was seen handing Depp what appeared to be an ornate necklace, and the star beamed broadly as he held it aloft to worship onlookers. They were hugged and greeted warmly, but a well-informed source told the Post that online rumors of a romance between the two were untrue. 

"But he and Camille were never good friends. Johnny was fighting for his life and she was in his employ to make it happen," the source said. "If you're in a foxhole, you may not go out for a beer with the other people in the foxhole, but they all want to win."

This past week, more ugly claims came out of unsealed documents from the Depp-Heard (above) trial, including by actress Ellen Barkin, who called the actor "verbally abusive."

About six weeks ago, when the legal case was won, Depp learned: During a tour in Newcastle upon Tyne, England. A friend of Depp's told the Post that the actor was surrounded by friends and saw it on TV. They celebrated that night.

Asked if he broke a bottle of foam, a friend said, "I don't know if he drank alcohol. It was a relief and a validation." 

The insider added: The day after the verdict he played, and a wave of rabid support greeted him.

In February, Depp received the Gold Medal of Merit, on the occasion of Serbia's Statehood Day. A friend told The Post that Depp "was not canceled or shamed" in Europe.
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In the UK,200 fans assaulted Deppthe girls had to refrain from grabbing the actors outside the venue where they were reported to have  

Take and do what he always does," a knowledgeable source said. "He goes out and meets fans, signs stuff, presents himself to the people who have always supported him." 

At trial, dirty laundry Things aired — including claims that Depp threw a liquor bottle and Heard cut off the actor's fingertip — but sources say Depp stooped. and accepted it.

"It was absolutely necessary that he knew that the world had revealed all," said the source. “Johnny was never upset because the world was finally allowed to know what he always knew [about Heard’s situation]. He has been substantiated. What do you think?"

Regarding Depp's current physical and mental condition, an insider said: , I'm sure he's exhausted... but he's working hard on what he loves.