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Ex-wife accuses Texas father Yasser of 'devil'

Killing two daughters in "honor killings"because they were dating an American boy A Texas man on trial was called a 'devil' in court Thursday, the girls' mother detailed 15 years of abuse during their marriage.

Yaser Sayid's ex-wife, Patricia Owens, had not seen him since New Year's Day 2008. they could talk

Instead, Said repeatedly shot the girls in the cab he was driving and left them outside a hotel outside Irving.

Owens testified that she had just returned to her home in Louisville, Texas from Oklahoma, where she and the girls had gone to escape Sayid.

``I thought he would punish them. ', she said.

However, long before 2008, Owens testified that she and her daughters had been abused by Sayid. She told jurors how she got married in 1987 when she was 15 and Saeed was 29.

Patricia Owens called her ex-husband Yaser Said the "devil" for allegedly murdering their two daughters at his trial in Dallas, Texas on August 4, 2022.
Liesbeth Powers/The Dallas Morning News via AP
Said allegedly killed his two daughters Amina, 18, and Sarah, 17, in 2008 because they were dating American boys.
Liesbeth Powers/The Dallas Morning News via AP

Owens claimed to have left Said many times during their marriage and that he was in control.

In 1998, Owens, who lived near Waco, Texas, filed a report with the Hill County Sheriff's Office alleging that Said had molested two girls. did. She took all three children with her, and after she left him for months, she returned and told the girls to back off. I was scared," Owens explained. "Yasser was abusive."

Said allegedly shot the two girls and left them dead outside of a hotel in Irving, Texas.
Sayd reportedly shot two of her girls and killed them in a hotel room in Irving, Texas. died outside.
Owens claimed Said abused her and their daughters.
Liesbeth Powers/The Dallas Morning News via AP

Late 2007, Owens Her daughters fled again to Tulsa, Oklahoma, because they feared that their father would be killed if he found out she was engaged to her boyfriend. Owens said Said had previously threatened Amina with a gun.

The mother and daughters returned to Texas to finish schooling on the promise that Sayid would leave the family home.

When prosecutors asked Owens if she knew what would happen when they returned, she replied, Part of me wasn't.

Photos of Sarah and Amina Said shown at the "honor killing" trial.
Shafkat Anowar/The Dallas Morning News via AP

``My father shot me.

Said, who was arrested in August 2020, has pleaded not guilty for more than a decade and has maintained his innocence, and his lawyers say he has been a Muslim since September. He claims that he is being targeted by law enforcement for one reason. 11 world.

If convicted, he will automatically serve a life sentence.