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Eminem's birth chart: How the rapper got over his 'shady' past

Will the real Slim Shady stand up?

Since arriving at the turn of the 20th century, Eminem, 49, has been like a tidal wave. With his iconic lyrics, songs, and courage to push boundaries, the rapper has found a place in his pop culture that few artists can reach.

However, his career has expanded beyond music to other areas of Hollywood with great success.8 In films like his Miles, he plays a version of himself. Powerhouses such as "BMF",50 Cent,a book chronicling his triumphs and tribulations, and of course Oscar and Super Bowl Halftime Show

But the rapper's life hasn't always been easy.Happily soberWith his new album "Curtain Call 2" scheduled to be released on August 5, 2022, along with a teaser for the new song, he announced his new Adventure and planning. So what made Eminem the polarizing figure he is? Will he leave a large legacy behind him or some of his best work is still ahead.Mom's Spaghetti is as iconic as he is Is it I am a pop culture astrologer,so let's dive into his stars.

Eminem astrology
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According to Eminem's natal chart , he

Eminem was born on October 17, 1972. This makes him a charismatic Libra Sun and an intelligent Aquarius. MonHis birth time is not confirmed online, so until he and I cross the road to do his full reading (get at me.), instead focusing on what we actually know. When it comes to elemental energy, Eminem is primarily composed of air. Before diving into hisastrological aspectwhich brings nuances to his personality, I would also like to point out that his Mercury,the planet of mind and communication, is intense. I thinkScorpio

As long as he can take an intelligent and independent approach to his emotions, Mercury in Scorpio will make him feel intense and strong. You will have a sharp-tongued personality. He has strong mental and observant powers, and a great deal of focus on digging deep into the shadows to find the truth. Be judgmental and use your words as a weapon when and where you need them.

Eminem astrology
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His birth Looking at diagram, I noticed that there are quite a few aspects that Saturn (planet of limitations) and Uranus (planet of chaos and rebellion) make in him. This in itself is polarizing as Saturn and Uranus are not of similar energies. Saturn is bound by tradition and constraints, while Uranus is future-oriented and innovative. His Saturn and Uranus may even interact directly, demanding that he fight back against established authority, not a conformist, hungry to create his own personal authority and natural order.

His Sun is in perfect alignment with Uranus, making him incredibly eccentric, inventive, and independent. I'm here. His Mars, the planet of attack, is also conjunct his Pluto, the ruling planet, which gives him enormous levels of energy and willpower. can be used for good and change himself, his relationships, and the world around him.On a bad day, all he wants to do is burn the world, others, or himself. This can also make him very attached and obsessive about achieving what he sets his mind to. Again, this doesn't have to be completely foreboding. This is because it shows that if he believes he can use his talents to the fullest, he can be a great force to be reckoned with and can help others. 86} Astrology 101: A Guide to the Stars

His Moon, which governs his emotional inner life, is also linked to many other planets. doing. It becomes apparent in his basic foundations, he is actually incredibly sensitive and driven by what he feels. , Saturn, Uranus, his Sun, Mercury, Mars and Chiron, thus motivating him. Oops, boy. That's a lot. This is what gives him a very complicated inner world. Because he can feel like his emotions are blocked and cold on some days. When he's at his best, he's able to find stability and balance in his energy, but when provoked or tense, he's fierce and battle-ready. Eminem is very sensitive on the inside, which makes him a loyal friend who jumps to protect his loved ones, but he can also be hypersensitive to criticism.

One final thing to say about his natal chart is that Chiron, an asteroid known as the Wounded Healer, has also made many notable contacts with other planets. This always indicates that he has been karmically challenged and confused a lot, and throughout his life he has struggled to trust both men and women. He suffered many challenges, and this created a great deal of anxiety that he may still be working on to this day.Yet, this is also a powerful factor that gives him the ability to perform constant regeneration.

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Eminem Prediction?

So what lies beyond Eminem? Let's take a peek. First, notice how Pluto, the planet of renewal and transformation, is activating so much growth and evolution around his morals, values, and self-esteem. This has been happening since his early 2010s and will continue for at least another decade. This also shows that his wealth has been up and down, but over time he is trying to establish himself even more firmly.He has had karmic lessons in communication and his ideas. , as Saturn slowly moves over his moon in 2022, he feels a little dark, serious and under heavy clouds at times.

But he Inherently knows his own strength and has taught him to take those feelings seriously and face his fears in ways he never had before. Luckily, Jupiter, the planet of miracles, will gently dance for him across the sky in his Sun sign in 2022, improving his relationships with his partners and collaborators. It will ignite in a way that will bring more joy around his children as well. and may have become more creative over the last decade or more. May he accept all that his life has to offer. You heard it for the first time here.

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